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FRONT COVERBAMBOO AND GEMSTONE STACKING RINGS Sterling Silver with Gemstones:Blue Topaz (106-6155BT) $85Amethyst (106-6155AM) $85Mozambique Garnet (106-6155MG) $85White Topaz (106-6155WT) $95Citrine (106-6155CT) $85Plain Bamboo 2mm Ring (106-6155) $70BACK COVERMINI OVAL LOCKET ENHANCER NECKLACEOn 32" Cable Chain in Sterling Silver (101-1704) $550MINI RECTANGULAR LOCKET ENHANCER NECKLACEOn 32" Ball Chain in Sterling Silver (101-1705) $550PAGE 1-2PARTIAL HONEYCOMB HINGED BANGLE1" Wide in Sterling Silver (105-1681) $1,450HONEYCOMB PENDANT NECKLACE16" Long in Sterling Silver (101-1683) $135PAGE 3-4DOMED OPEN WEAVE RINGSterling Silver (106-1664) $159OPEN WEAVE PENDANT NECKLACE17" Long in Sterling Silver (101-1663) $375OPEN WEAVE DROP EARRINGSSterling Silver with 14K posts (102-1662) $350OPEN WEAVE CUFF1 1/2" in Sterling Silver (105-1661) $710OPEN WEAVE CAGED HINGED BANGLE1" in Sterling Silver (105-1660) $1,380PAGE 5-6PLEATED PINWHEEL PENDANT NECKLACE WITH TURQUOISE32" Long in Sterling Silver (101-1652TQ) $795 Also in: Black Onyx. PLEATED PINWHEEL BUTTON EARRINGS WITH TURQUOISESterling Silver with 14k posts (103-1654TQ) $375 Also available in Black Onyx, Amethyst, Citrine. SMALL PINWHEEL PENDANT WITH CITRINE16" Long in Sterlilng Silver (101-1653CT) $475 Also available in Amethyst, Black Onyx, Turquoise. PLEATED PINWHEEL DROP EARRINGS WITH AMETHYSTSterling Silver (102-1655AM) $250 Also available in Citrine, Black Onyx, Turquoise. PLEATED PINWHEEL PIN WITH BLACK ONYXSterling Silver (108-1700BO) $300 Also available in Turquoise. PRODUCT AND ORDER INFORMATION

PAGE 7-8PLEATED TASSEL PENDANT NECKLACE30" Long in Sterling Silver (101-1708) $525PLEATED TASSED EARRINGSSterling Silver with 14K posts and removeable drops (102-1657) $325PAGE 9-10BAMBOO AND SAPPHIRE RINGSSterling Silver with Pave Sapphires:Yellow Sapphires (.30cts) (106-1565YSA) $175Blue Sapphires (.35cts) (106-1565SAP) $175Pink Sapphires (.30cts) (106-1565PSA) $175BAMBOO AND SAPPHIRE PENDANT NECKLACESSterling Silver on Silk Cord with Pave Sapphires:Pink Sapphires (2.0cts) (101-1170PSA) $1,000Yellow Sapphires (2.0cts) (101-1170YSA) $1,000Blue Sapphires (2.0cts) (101-1170SAP) $1,000BAMBOO AND SAPPHIRE 8MM HINGED BANGLESSterling Silver with Pave Sapphires: Pink Sapphires (1.2cts)(105-1175PSA) $915Yellow Sapphires (1.2cts) (105-1175YSA) $915Blue Sapphires (1.2cts) (105-1175SAP) $915BAMBOO AND SAPPHIRE SMALL HOOP EARRINGS Yellow Pave Sapphires (.85cts) (102-1167YSA) $650Also available with Pink and Blue Pave Sapphires. PAGE 11-12HAMMERED SWIRL NECKLACE21" Long in Sterling Silver (100-1636) $1,275HAMMERED SWIRL DROP EARRINGSSterling Silver (103-1637) $275HAMMERED SWIRL BRACELETSterling Silver (104-1647) $525LARGE HAMMERED SWIRL EARRINGSSterling Silver with 14K posts (102-1638) $450PAGE 13-14HAMMERED OVAL FLAT LINK CUFF2" Wide in Sterling Silver (105-1619) $840HAMMERED TRIPLE DROP EARRINGSSterling Silver with 14k posts (103-1623) $325HAMMERED FLAT LINK HOOPSSterling Silver with 14k posts ((103-1622) $245HAMMERED OVAL LINK NECKLACE36" Long with Spring Clasp in Sterling Silver (100-1618) $1,575