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PAGE 15-16STERLING AND PRASIOLITE DROP EARRINGS Drop earrings with Emerald Cut Prasiolite (6.4cts) (102-6157PT) $225Also available in Amethyst, Blue Topaz, Citrine, Smokey Quartz. STERLING AND PRASIOLITE PENDANT NECKLACE16" Long with Emerald Cut Prasiolite Pendant (8.6cts)(101-6158PT) $425Also available in Amethyst, Blue Topaz, Citrine, Smokey Quartz.STERLING AND GEMSTONE RINGSEmerald Cut Gemstones:Citrine (10.6cts)(106-6147CT) $275Blue Topaz (13.8cts) (106-6147BT) $300Amethyst (10.6cts)(106-6147AM) $275Smokey Quartz (10.6cts) (106-6147SQ) $195Prasiolite (10.6cts)(106-6147PT) $275PAGE 17-18RUFFLE OVAL DROP EARRINGSIn Sterling Silver on Earwire (102-1673) $150RUFFLE PIN3" Long in Sterling Silver (108-1676) $350RUFFLE RIBBON PENDANT NECKLACE32" Long in Sterling Silver (101-1677) $600 RUFFLE RIBBON BUTTON EARRINGSSterling Silver with 14k posts and omega back (103-1675) $275 RUFFLE HINGED BANGLE1 1/2" Wide in Sterling Silver (105-1433) $1,175PAGE 19-20BAMBOO AND GEMSTONE STACKING RINGS Sterling Silver with Gemstones:Blue Topaz (106-6155BT) $85Amethyst (106-6155AM) $85Mozambique Garnet (106-6155MG) $85White Topaz (106-6155WT) $95Citrine (106-6155CT) $85Plain Bamboo 2mm Ring (106-6155) $70BAMBOO AND GEMSTONE STACKING BANGLESSterling Silver with Gemstones:White Topaz (105-6152WT) $225Citrine (105-6152CT) $225Blue Topaz (105-6152BT) $225Amethyst (105-6152AM) $195Plain Bamboo 2.5mm Bangle (105-6152) $150Mozambique Garnet and White Topaz (105-6152MGWT) $225PAGE 21-22CROSS-HATCH BAMBOO AND PEARL NECKLACE IN STERLING SILVER18" with Freshwater Pearls and Fold-over Clasp (100-3118) $1,200CROSS-HATCH BAMBOO DOOR KNOCKER EARRINGSSterling Silver with 14K posts (103-1650) $340CROSS-HATCH BAMBOO AND PEARL EARRINGSSterling Silver with 14K posts (103-3115) $275BAMBOO CRISS-CROSS HINGED BANGLE1 1/2" Wide in Sterling Silver (105-1651) $1,080

PAGE 25-26EXTRA-LARGE CURB LINK NECKLACE18" Long (1.3" Wide) in Sterling Silver with Fold-over Clasp (100-1702) $2,700EXTRA-LARGE CURB LINK BRACELETSterling Silver with Fold-over clasp (104-1627) $1,200Necklace and Bracelet styles also available in Large and Medium Link sizes.For inquiry about Thistle & Bee, please contact us at our New York Showroom:Thistle & Bee499 Seventh Avenue4th Floor, SouthNew York, New York 10018-6827T: (888) 288-2801F: (212) 594-2529customerservice@thistleandbee.netTo locate a Thistle & Bee retailer near you, visit or contact us at: (888) 288-2801 or Retailer orders, please contact us at our showroom via phone or fax, order directly online, or email your order to sales@thistleandbee.netPlease note that retailers must register online to access the retailer section of our website and gain account approval by Thistle & Bee..PAGE 23-24MIXED QUILTED QUATREFOIL CHAIN LINK NECKLACE36" Long in Sterlng Silver (100-1597) $775SQUARE QUILTED QUATREFOIL PENDANT NECKLACESterling Silver on 18" Silk Cord (101-1689) $260SQUARE QUILTED QUATREFOIL DROP EARRINGSSterling Silver (102-1668) $190MIXED QUILTED QUATREFOIL CHARM BRACELETSterling Silver with Toggle Closure (104-1693) $595