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1Your hooklink will look like a corkscrew until you steam it straight.Hold the hooklink tight over the steam and it will go arrow straight. Leave to cool and set, for the perfect rig.STEAMING THE HOOKLINKlines, but over the last few trips lots of the bites had been very slow and, in the strong winds we've had, quite hard to spot.So I got out my old Solar tension arm indicators, which hold the line under pressure and react to the slightest movement of the lead. The fact that the line was tight wasn't an issue because at the range I was fishing, with a sinking braid leader and leadcore, the last few yards of line would be on the deck. My first casts were made, and I remembered to use a fingerstall to protect my finger from the cutting effects of the braid leader. Both rigs flew out and tiny splashes could just about be seen in the large swell. The line was sunk and tightened, pulled into the clip on the rod, and the tension arm attached.The first bite came as I was sheltering in the reeds from the chilling wind; it was a single bleep as the arm dropped back, then after a second's pause it arrowed towards the rod as line was torn from the spool. A typical long-range fight followed that saw me wander out into the waves to net the fish over the marginal weed.The hookhold was perfect and the first fish had fallen to the pop-up - and as I readied myself to recast the same rig the bottom bait was taken by a slightly bigger fish.Sport for the rest of the afternoon was brisk, and luckily I didn't have to change a rig once. They remained arrow straight and the hook points stayed pin-sharp.Adapting like this had not only worked, but had done so with style. I was definitely catching bonus fish, thanks to a good presentation and the fact that I was able to cast it to the area where the fish were holding. As a result, I could sit behind my rods knowing that nothing was tangled. UKCARP MAGAZINE 32 FEBRUARY 7TH 2012BETTER RIGS2By removing the pin from the lead clip you create a semi-fixed rig.Sport was brisk, with commons like this making for a memorable session.