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A Nash TT Diffusion Weed Clip will dump non-inline leads on every single take. Warning! this info will make you a better carp anglerNASH KNOWLEDGEkThis month's star question on dumping leads was posed by reader Paul Best, who comes from Enfield, Middlesex.He wins a superb Nash TT rig pack containing loads of terminal tackle worth over £50. You get everything - No Spook Rig Tube, Ezi-Glide backlead, Cling-On Tungsten Putty, Safety Pinz, Safety Bolt Bead Ring Swivels, Fang Twister hooks, Safety Bolt Beads, Pest Off Bait Locks, Mutant Boilies, Safety Bolt Bead Tail Rubbers, Nasher Coated Braid Stripper and Ultimate Marker Weed Stealth.If you want the Nash Team to solve your problem, and to stand a chance of winning this great prize, send your question to: Nash Knowledge, UKCarp, Bauer Media, Lynchwood, Peterborough PE2 6EA.QUESTION OF THE MONTH PRIZE PACKUKCARP MAGAZINE 35 FEBRUARY 7TH 2012QHow do you set up an inline lead so it comes off when a carp is hooked?Paul Best, Enfi eldA Here's a simple, yet effective idea. Instead of the line, leader, tubing or leadcore passing through the centre of the inline lead it runs around the outside of it.A Nash Ring Swivel is plugged into the front of the lead, and the tail rubber is pushed on to the back, holding everything in place. The lead is secured for the cast, but when a fi sh moves off after hooking itself the lead drops off . An inline lead system concentrates the weight in one area to maximise hooking potential. By setting up the lead to drop off once you have hooked the fi sh there is less to catch in the weed or on snags as you play it, and with less weight on the line you have direct contact with the fi sh, which usually means it will rise higher in the water too. All of this makes the fi sh easier to play and land in weedy or tricky conditions.Line knots to ring swivel.Lead set up for the cast.Pressure pulls it apart.PRIZEWINNERMASTER INLINELEADSJulesCundiff says...