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UKCARP MAGAZINE 51 FEBRUARY 7TH 2012PRE-BAITINGIf nuisance fish are present, you need to think about your pre-baiting strategy.A snowman rig is perfect for my preferred KD encourage fish to feed on my secret little spots. If the water is shallow it is a fair bet that the birds will be capable of diving and picking up your freebies. There is no easy fix for this, apart from baiting at night and choosing dark baits (or light) that blend in with the colour of the lakebed.NUISANCE FISHIf your water holds loads of bream and tench you have a real problem because they will be eating a massive part of what you are feeding. I often read about people bulking out their mix with cheaper ingredients like pellet and parti-blend. This to me is a massive no-no, and I believe that all you are doing is encouraging them to feed even harder on your areas.establish how many carp are in there, what other fish are present, and what the bird life is like. If there is a reasonable head of carp, then there is a good chance they will find your bait fairly quickly. This works in reverse and if there is a low stock, it is likely that it will take longer for them to find it.Pre-baiting is a way of getting the fish to pick up your bait in a certain area, which will give them confidence. On a big water with low stock I bait several spots, taking into account weather conditions and known haunts. These areas get a light scattering of 30-40 baits, enough to get a reaction, but not enough to ruin a spot if it remains uneaten. This also helps to keep costs down.On a slightly more prolific venue I'd bait unusual areas away from the angling pressure "If I decide to move I already have all the distances scribbled down, so I'm always bang on the money"