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UKCARP MAGAZINE 59 FEBRUARY 7TH 2012Eiger Cuissarde Neoprene Lined Waders RRP £79.99SOFT, WARM AND EASY TO PUT ON will release loads of attraction - they can even be trimmed to get the exact buoyancy you need. Available are the pink-coloured Pink Perils, orange Fruitylicious, yellow PBs, and white Milky Malt, all of which look and smell superb.On the bank I used one piece to create a perfectly balanced pop-up with a rough exterior, and another to tip off a boilie for the ultimate snowman rig. They have now caught me stacks of fish from my local runs water and I've found them to be really user-friendly, a very versatile bait. I would love to see a black version, which I reckon would be absolutely brilliant for zig rig fishing. www.svendsen-sport.comThe neoprene lining is warm, soft and very comfortable.YOU WOULDN'T have thought that there was a lot you could say about a pair of waders, but take it from me, after wearing this pair for a day there is. I'm a fan of thigh waders because I find them easier to put on in the dark when you need to wade to net your fish. Simply fold them over so they look like a pair of wellies, slip your feet straight into them, and it's then a simple job to pull them up one-handed, plus there's a nice lip on the heel that makes taking them off a doddle. These are surprisingly light, and are made from beautiful soft rubber, and super comfortable when sitting or walking. The neoprene lining actually makes them very warm.I've now used a pair for several days and I haven't got a bad thing to say about them. You may cough a little at the price tag, but they are a quality item that I'm absolutely positive will last for ages, and so well made they are worth every penny. The Cube fits neatly on to the flat bed of a barrow. Compact Kit bag with (below) detail of retaining strap.Available are the pink-coloured Pink Perils, orange Fruitylicious, yellow PBs, and white Milky Malt.

ON TEST 2012UKCARP MAGAZINE 60 FEBRUARY 7TH 2012Features, from top: Thermal hood, Velcro-sealed cuffs, handwarmer pockets, zipped trouser legs for convenience.CLASSY CAMO CK Native Whispatex Jacket and TrousersOffer price £99.99THIS CLOTHING, in its distinctive Mossy Oak pattern, is very comfortable and well cut. The three-quarter length jacket and matching trousers are waterproof and windproof, soft touch and quiet when you are moving about.In sizes from M, L and XL, to 2XL and 3XL, they also come in a green Barbus version.The jacket features a high thermal collar with lined hood and Teflon-reinforced shoulder panels for added rain protection. There are two zipped handwarmer breast pockets, four waist pockets, a hidden zipped valuables pocket and an internal phone pocket.The trousers have Teflon-reinforced panels on the seat and knees, an adjustable waist and zipped fly. Two hip pockets and cargo pockets provide plenty of storage. The legs are zipped to allow them to be pulled on and off with ease.This clothing range offers great value, is well made, should be very hard wearing, and is available for the camo fan or in the more understated green. What's more, it won't break the bank."Available for the camo fan or in the more understated green"