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New car market Aftersales conference News Showroom AM contacts Used car market News digest Recruitment Tustain Motors buys first two dealerships John Tustain, who sold his Bristol Street Motors dealer group to Vertu Motors in 2007, has revealed plans to build another group in the midlands and north of England. His new company, Tustain Motors, has just taken its first step, acquiring two Vauxhall dealerships in Northumberland. Now Tustain aims to acquire more dealer­ships in the north, particularly those with Ford franchises although he also wants to increase market share with Vauxhall. His objective is to build a group of around 10 to 15 dealerships. Tustain has a long history with the Ford and Vauxhall franchises. Since the 1990s he and Paul Williams, now Vertu Motors' chairman, were joint chief executives of Bristol Street Motors, which had become a £ 500 million turnover group with 32 sites when it was sold to Robert Forrester's Vertu Motors in 2007. Tustain has taken the chairman's role at his new venture. He has been joined by managing director Brian Baxter and financial director David Storey, both formerly at Vertu. The purchases of Ashington's Vauxhall site from Milburn Motors Garages and Alnwick Vauxhall from Willis of Alnwick was funded by Lloyds Bank. John Tustain Principles of Management AM promotion Arsène Wenger: Castrol Professional global brand ambassador The holder of a Master's degree in Economics, Wenger developed and led one of the English Premier League's most successful teams, and is renowned for managing talent and achieving success by nurturing strengths and addressing weaknesses. Similarly, in the motor industry, managers of franchised dealerships need to make regular analyses of their business' performance to achieve success. By focusing on the minutiae of his team's performance on pitch - number of passes made, percentage of shots on target, number of tackles missed and so on - Wenger can identify areas for improvement. It is exactly this approach that managers at franchised dealerships need to take in order to drive profits. Nigel Head, Castrol Franchised Workshop and OEM Marketing Manager - UK & Ireland, comments: " While the KPIs may be different, there are clear parallels between the roles of managers of franchised dealers and those of professional football teams. In the aftersales department, dealers should be regularly assessing their business to identify areas for improvement." In the run- up up to the 2010 FIFA World CupTM, Castrol Professional will be bringing you a unique insight into the management principles of Arsène Wenger, through AM magazine and video interviews with Wenger in the AM e- zine and on the AM- online website. To find out how Castrol Professional can help you analyse your business' performance, call 01793 452 280

News For daily automotive news visit www. am- online. com/ news McLaren to name three dealerships in the UK British- based performance sports car manufacturer to have just 35 outlets worldwide By Rob Golding McLaren has chosen three UK dealers to sell its MP4- 12C high performance sports car which goes on sale next year. The Woking- based manufacturer has set up an international network of 35 dealers to handle next- year's launch. The UK locations are expected to be in London, Manchester and Birmingham. There were more than 600 names on the orig­inal worldwide list of potential dealers which was whittled down to 300 before 150 were interviewed. Half went as far as submitting a business plan before the choices were made. Very few know if they have been chosen as one of the partners for the small global network. They will all be notified over the next six weeks and then the names will be known. HR Owen and Sytner could both be potential groups that would fit with the McLaren fran­chise. McLaren plans to do things differently in the way that all brands do. But the intention is to make little fuss for the car in the showroom and lots of fuss for the owners. Aftersales zone managers will be on- call 24 hours a day as well as ' flying doctors' who will fly anywhere in the world if an issue cannot be resolved locally. The primary qualifications for dealers were financial strength, supersports experience, great CRM systems and " alignment with our way of doing things". Antony Sheriff, the ex- Fiat chief executive and McLaren managing director, says as soon as a car is delivered, a complete set of replacement parts will be delivered to that dealer's warehouse. " We want to be sure our owners never have to wait for a new headlamp. When they need it they get it. There is very little point in us beating ourselves up over the feel of a switch in the 12C if we have not taken the trouble to ensure the owners are looked after." He says the really important thing about setting up to supply and service a £ 160,000 carbon- fibre two- seater with drive train and handling modelled on the Formula One cars, is the rela­tionship with the driver which could last 20 years if handled right.