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New car market Aftersales conference News Showroom AM contacts Used car market News digest Recruitment MoT to target cars' electronic systems The Retail Motor Industry Federation ( RMI) has warned that a strengthening of European Union ( EU) minimum road- worthiness test standards could widen tests carried out under the UK's MoT. In a comprehensive upgrade, the EU Council of Ministers agreed that " modern electronic systems be included in the list of items to be tested." This change and others will have to be intro­duced by December 2011. The changes will not yet involve a compul­sory electronic diagnostic, with testers plug­ging into a car's systems and checking computing functions and micro- chips, but RMI MoT chairman John Ball says this will come eventually: " Electronic systems will have to be tested at some point". However, the latest EU- mandated changes insist on checking electronic stability control systems, anti- theft devices, electrical connec­tions on tow bars, and a rather vague insis­tence on checking " electromagnetic interfer­ence suppression". Ball said the changes would increase the cost of the MoT. By Tim Smith commercial director of GForces, the web management specialists SEO are three little letters that equate to the most powerful and cost effective marketing strategy at your disposal. Search engine optimisation is the bedrock of online marketing. Without a decent SEO strategy your website will be digital driftwood floating around in an ocean of information. The higher up the search result page your site appears, the more prospective customers will visit your domain. A long- term strategy needs to be pursued to achieve successful SEO results and you need to guarantee that your website is relevant for the keywords that you are most likely to convert from. Focusing on good ' organic' search- engine ratings, rather than just paying for a sponsored link will bring better long- term results. Dealer Marketing Magazine says organic clicks trump Pay Per Click ( PPC) by 500% - so good search rankings can generate five times the traffic from the same keyphrase. That's not to say PPC is ineffective. It needs to be used tactically rather than for the day- to- day product and services your dealership provides. Quality SEO pays for itself. Search engine optimisation Advertisement feature Telephone: 0845 658 9285 Website: www. gforces. co. uk To read the full story click here Electronic systems will " have to be tested at some point"

New car market Aftersales conference News Showroom AM contacts Used car market News digest Recruitment Finance checks failed to protect dealer By Daniel Attwood Dealers are being warned that, even if they carry out appropriate checks and take out indemnity insurance, they could still end up in court for selling cars that have outstanding finance. The problem has come to light after a dealer bought three cars after checking there was no outstanding finance and taking indemnity insurance. " We HPI checked the vehicles with Experian and they were clear with no finance interest," explained Daniel Crompton, director of Richmond Car Sales. " We purchased a 12- month indemnity with Experian for each vehicle." The cars were sold on as normal. Months later - after the indemnity insurance had expired - Lombard registered its interest in the cars, despite agreed procedures between the Finance and Leasing Association ( FLA) and its members stating that finance providers should register their interest within a day of a finance deal being agreed. However, the agreement is not legally binding. " This is an isolated case. We have strict measures in place to ensure all deals are captured on the HPI system. Registration with HPI is entirely voluntary, but at Lombard we have an automated system that ensures each deal is captured on the HPI system on a daily basis," explained a Lombard spokesman. " Unfortunately in this case the vehicle informa­tion originally supplied to us was incorrect. Once we understood that an error had taken place we imme­diately took corrective action." The dealer has now settled out of court, for a five- figure sum, despite doing all it could to ensure the cars did not have outstanding finance. Both Experian and HPI offer insurance to cover dealers in such cases. ' The FLA agreement is not legally binding' Advertisement feature By Simon Bowkett, Symco Training Voicemail is the bane of many salespeople's lives. It's frustrating when you're trying to follow up a customer and you keep getting their answer­phone. Some say you shouldn't leave a message, but try to catch customers when they're in. But if you've tried several times, at some point you will have to leave a message. The secret is to leave a message that arouses curiosity. Watch the video and put the tips and techniques into practice. It's only a few minutes long, but it will give you the tools you need to overcome the voicemail problem and bring more customers back into your dealership. And that means you will sell more cars. Overcoming voicemail Improve your selling skills - for free! For a link to some free online videos that will help you to sell more cars and make more money, email me at simon@ symcotraining. co. uk or call on 01829 760 679.