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New car market Aftersales conference News Showroom AM contacts Used car market News digest Recruitment Margins in service departments stand at between 60 and 70% on average. Meaningful action and appropriate resourcing can make a significant difference in improving customer retention, building business, up- selling and ultimately improving profitability. During the course of 2010, Mobil 1, the world's leading synthetic oil, will be looking at how dealers can make a difference through its " Best in Class" series - an examination of BEST IN CLASS Advertisement feature S: 7.125" S: 9.75" T: 7.875" T: 10.5" Client: Exxon Mobil L& PS ( EXMG) #: 7Headline: NoneTrim: K. GirthCW: MagNwpMobil 1 is the world's leading synthetic motor oil brand. After all, it keeps engines performing like new even after 200,000 miles in all kinds of extremes. Whether it's the roughest off- road terrain or the worst stop- and- go traffic in the world. Many Drivers. One Oil. Mobil 1. Learn more at mobil1. com. MANY DRIVERS. ONE OIL. From California to Massachusetts, the world's leading synthetic motor oil brand. Alex Patterson, Los AngelesFrank Sanderson, Massachusetts © 2009 Exxon Mobil Corporation. Mobil, Mobil 1, and the 1 icon are trademarks of Exxon Mobil Corporation or one of its subsidiaries. By Joanna Mitchell, marketing manager, Mobil 1 successful aftersales through the experiences of dealers. " The service sector is more competitive than ever, and the difference between a proactive and reactive dealer is marked. " As we find with our top- up programme, dealers are in an enviable position to maximise revenue opportunities but not all see how simple actions can quickly impact margins. The Mobil 1 Best in Class series will look at these areas and others through the eyes of dealers nationwide over the coming months. The charity for automotive people: making a difference to people's lives

News Peugeot set to launch an ' out of the ordinary' range Carmaker moves into the premium market with the launch of the first of its ' hors- série' range By Tom Seymour Peugeot is dipping its toe in the premium market with its RCZ - the first of the French brand's new ' hors- série' range. The range will not feature a different badge, unlike Citroën's DS cars, nor its own part of the showroom, but it shows how Peugeot wants to break out of its volume roots and tap into the premium segment for more profit. A Peugeot spokesman said that, like the RCZ, forthcoming models would breakaway from the normal ' double O' names featured on main­stream Peugeots. An SR1 roadster is in development, but not scheduled for production yet. It's not just sports cars that will be included in the hors- série range. Peugeot's 3008 Hybrid will be a part of the new brand, too. The hors- série name is being used in all markets and will not be translated to " out of the ordinary" for UK customers. Any Peugeot dealer can sell hors- série models. The only requirement is a special plinth for the RCZ. Janice Howes, general manager at Peugeot dealer Chambers Tamworth, said: " It is a welcome move as it will have the halo effect, something to aspire towards for the customer and should increase showroom footfall." Electric Leaf will be produced in Sunderland Nissan has confirmed its new Leaf electric vehicle will be produced in Sunderland at the start of 2013 and UK dealers have already started learning how to sell and service it. It looks like Nissan will be true to its promise to make Leaf an affordable EV - it will be priced around £ 27,000 in Japan. If Nissan GB can price it similarly here, then once the Government's £ 5,000 subsidy is taken off it could cost little more than a well- specified Ford Focus diesel. The Japanese brand is expecting an initial annual production of 50,000 units and is investing £ 420 million in producing the new model which includes battery production. The investment will be supported by a £ 20.7m Government grant and a proposed finance package from the European Investment Bank of up to £ 197.3m. Lithium- ion battery production will start in April.