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Focus on Aftersales 2010 Deliver a stronger aftersales business An inspiring one- day conference focusing on the key issues and critical themes affecting your aftersales business today With uncertainty around new car sales, dealers will continue to face a string of financial challenges in 2010. Now more than ever you need to be focusing on your aftersales business April 22nd 2010 Royal Berkshire Conference Centre, Madejski Stadium, Reading Prize draw Two tickets to see England's final freindly at Wembley prior to the World Cup. Plus Limited edition Lewis Hamilton oil block www. aftersalesconference. co. ukMANHEIMAftersales Solutions Co- sponsors Headline sponsors

Pricing £ 195+ vat for dealers and manufacturers £ 250+ vat for service and industry suppliers Exploit the potential of aftersales and reap the rewards By understanding how it can drive more revenue and improved profits to your business, you can ensure that you're targeting the right customers with the right products at the right time - more effectively and more efficiently Improve aftersales - improve business ?? ?? Understand the key to successfully implementing a CRM strategy Discover your key customers... and keep them ?? ?? Improve your service adviser training Coaching advice on getting the best out of your dealership service advisers ?? ?? Understand your customers and competitors Maximise the true potential ?? ?? Increase your sales opportunities through upselling The key to increased profits ?? ?? Dealers are fighting to stop more fleet and lease companies moving to independent service and MoT providers Hear how to fight back Focus on Aftersales 2010 www. aftersalesconference. co. uk Attend this one- day conference and gain a unique insight into the aftersales arena, helping you to: