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New car marketNewsDealerprofileUsed car analysisInsight: RecruitmentPeugeot UKNewsdigestNew carnewssystems you might already have, but there is nothing currently that completely changes our industry."We need to move on and challenge the idea that we're just doing the same thing over and over again."Often it is systems and processes that prevent development. That's the stuff I really want to tackle head on. We're in early days of creating something completely different for our world. We'll still have a showroom and we'll still have an aftersales facility, but how we interact and how our customers interact with that could be a completely different experience. For me, that's the game changer.""I'm not worried about internet sales, I'm worried about getting to a stage when a customer walks through the door and we deliver something that they're not looking for and can't relate to."Vindis is in the development stages to see how systems and processes can be developed onto a new digital platform.He said: "You stand in an Apple shop and nobody ever sells to anyone, they just help you get what you want. For me that's where we need to get as an industry. It's about moving the standard of interaction from a straight sales/customer relationship, to one where we can help you achieve what you want to achieve. If we don't do that, we'll be left behind."what we search for and how we buy. Then we try to constrain people into a very rigid structure."But how far away are online sales and how far away does Vindis want it to be?Vindis said: "I am strongly of the view that a car is the second biggest asset people will buy outside of their house."As such, the UK is probably more materialistic than perhaps other countries. Look at the number of people that own a house verses any other country."It will mean that the progress of a direct internet sale will be slower or further off than it is in other countries. People still want to come in to touch the product."As long as people continue to visit showrooms, you stand a chance of closing on a sale. I'm comfortable that the showroom environment will remain well into the future."three of its five Audi sites are in the top 40 in the UK.He said: "Although customer service is one element of our job, it's about delivering a very balanced perfor-mance. The best measure is to stand there in front of the brand and to be the number one market area. We're not quite there, but that's what we're heading for."Vindis craves more feedback into the business. The company is rolling out new ideas for sales and service departments that give customers the opportunity to give direct line feedback. The group runs programmes whereby sales customers get a contact when they don't purchase 10 days after their initial entry into the system.He said: "What we need to be doing is understand what someone's expectation was when they walked into the business and whether we did that and that's all it needs to be."InternetVindis recently visited NADA, but he didn't feel there was really anything new to offer."The encouraging thing I took from that is that we're not that backward in the UK. We're not as far behind or underdeveloped compared to the US as people think.Vindis wants the industry to move on and he believes there's an opportunity for the group to develop a way for people to interact with a dealership in the same way they interact with everything else in the world.He said: "We forget what we do when we go home,

PeopleFranchised Dealer Conference Investment in the future - utilising apprentices in theworkshop, in the showroom and in the office. Protecting your investment - how to keep, motivate andreward the best people. Putting people and relationships first=SuccessThe formula for success revealed at the AM/NFDA Franchised Dealer ConferencePoor customer service costs the UK economy £15.3 billion a year (Institute of Customer Service) andthat is often linked to unmotivated, unfulfilled and unrewarded staff.We'll give you an insight into the retail world beyond the motor industry, share other ways ofempowering and motivating the people who work for your business as well as demonstrating howapprenticeships and training can be one of your best investments for your business' future byTo book your place at theconference or for moredetails, scan the QR code orvisit the event website.Topics will include: