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NewsBy Tom Seymour Tesco Cars is to close after just one year in busi-ness and is no longer accepting orders.A statement from Tesco Cars said: "We started Tesco Cars in good faith and we always aim to do a good job for customers."However, following a review of the business model we and Carsite, our partner, have decided that we cannot offer customers a satisfactory range of vehicles and as a result, have decided it is right to close the business."A spokesman for Tesco told AM: "The core response from customers was positive, but we had difficulties early on with the supply of stock."Given time that problem could have been over-come, but Tesco has decided to concentrate on its core business."Tesco would not comment on whether the busi-ness was making a profit or whether the website could relaunch without the Tesco association.The Tesco Cars model was based on selling ex-fleet stock directly to customers over the internet and was built on's website infrastructure.Customers can claim refunds on cars they have pre-ordered and warranties on cars that have already been sold are still valid through The Warranty Group.Tesco Cars launched in April last year to much fanfare, claiming its access to 16 million Tesco Clubcard holders would allow it access to a significant growth in sales.When launched, Tesco Cars was advertising up to 3,000 cars each week with models between six months and three years old.Tesco Cars closes after just one year in business Supermarket chain blames closure on failure to offer buyers a satisfactory range of vehiclesEden Vauxhall rescues remaining Seward sitesThe two remaining Vauxhall dealerships of collapsed car dealer Seward (Wessex) have been taken over by Eden Vauxhall.The Poole and Christchurch sites, which employed 135 people, have been rebranded Eden Branksome and Eden Christchurch.Seward (Wessex) went into administration a month ago, leading to the closure of two sites while a buyer was sought for its remaining two trading dealerships.Eden, established in 2008 by former Inchcape Retail managing director Graeme Potts in partnership with GMUK, has six retail centres in Reading, Newbury, Fareham, Exeter and Honiton, and a Vauxhall and Ford aftersales centre in Bracknell.