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Dealer profile JCT600The 2008 economic crisis led every fran­chised dealer to realign their business to the lower market opportunities on offer. For Yorkshire-based group JCT600 it meant a contraction over the following 24 months from 1,411 staff to 1,158, as sales dropped from £574m to £465m and it reported its only loss in the decade.But now, as the UK still battles to lift itself out of JCT600's seven pillars of wisdom Yorkshire's top dealer group is almost back to where it was before the downturn. To get there the group is relying on its staff to align themselves to its seven core values. Tim Rose talks to chief executive John Tordoff23 YEARS AS THE Sponsored byContinuesJCT6002011 AM100 rank: 13Franchises: Audi, Aston Martin, Bentley, BMW, Ferrari, Jeep Chrysler, Kia, Lotus, Mazda, Maserati, Mercedes-Benz, Mini, Peugeot, Porsche, Smart, Vauxhall, Volkswagen

New car marketNewsDealerConferenceUsed caranalysisNews RecruitmentdigestDealerprofileShowroomAM PROMOTIONWhen it comes to training and development, most organisations sit within one of two camps, namely; the 'learned' or the 'learners'. Let's define the difference. The learned camp consists of personnel that have learnt all they need to know and believe that they couldn't learn new ideas or strategies. Whilst they don't know what they don't know, they have little interest in discovering what they might be missing. The 'learners' are quite the opposite. They constantly look for a new idea, tip or strategy that will give them the edge. Regardless of their status and history, they continue to crave new ways to sharpen their corporate saw.In order to cast our vote firmly into the camp of learners, our field team has recently been re-skilled in the art of training and coaching (two very different development approaches that are often confused).Their newly found skills have allowed them to work with organisations and individuals in a manner that is bespoke to the identified development need. As our approach has changed to a focused plan that consists of an increased level of coaching, so our clients have began to realise the benefits. In the final analysis, the learners will continue to redefine the motor industry in a positive manner whilst the learned will find themselves perfectly well equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists. SPONSOR'S COMMENTTHE UK'S NO. 1