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New car marketNewsDealerConferenceUsed caranalysisNewsRecruitmentdigestDealerprofileShowroombelow the industry average. In recruitment, new starters undergo a four-month induction process which ensures they're the right fit for the business. Their welcome pack of a mug, mouse mat and coaster even displays the seven values as a constant reminder."As an industry we're crap at attracting the right people, inducting them, training them and coming up with development plans for them to give them a career path. We're changing that in our business."Its headquarters on the outskirts of Bradford re- inforces that focus on values. The seven words are displayed in its reception area. Alongside is the statement "Trusted by the world's best manufac-turers". All training is held at the headquarters, so employees are reminded regularly of the pillars on which JCT600 sits.Getting workers engaged with the values hasn't been easy. Tordoff admitted that initially the company simply expected staff to live them. However it has become clear the company needed to do more to demonstrate to employees how the values affect them, so they can become part of the fabric of the business.As a result, the group has worked with employee engagement expert Andrew McMillan, the former head of John Lewis customer service, who is speaking at AM's Franchised Dealer Conference this month, Together they devised a campaign of seven values for seven months. It started in February with 'Team' - every business held a team bowling event leading up to a 15-team final in May. Separately, 100 employees, including Tordoff and his son, undertook the Yorkshire Three Peaks chal-lenge. Each person chose their own charity to support, and together they raised more than £10,000 for a variety of good causes. March was 'Respect', focused on respect for "As an industry we're crap at attracting the right people, inducting them, training them, and giving them a career path. We're changing that in our business"John TordoffContinueshave the right attitude and a strong work ethic, and know how to talk to people. People buy from people, so that's what we look for," Tordoff said.Investment has also been made into its business leaders. This year 21 managers from across the company graduated from an 18-month certificate in automotive management course at the University of Buckingham's Centre of Automotive Management.Ahead of these investments, JCT600 developed seven core values to the business which it expects all its people to align themselves to: Team, Respect, Communication, Passion, Integrity, Excellence and Dynamic.The board is confident staff are now more engaged and understand what the company is about. Work-force churn has decreased significantly to 17%, well

Dealer profile JCT600colleagues, themselves and their working environ­ment. April was 'Communication' - with general managers tasked with ensuring all members of staff were informed of the Q1 performance. May was 'Passion' - with employees sharing why they were passionate about the company and their role within it."When people believe in the values of the business it's like one big family. We're trying to change the culture of the business to be a bit less of a Victorian mill owner mentality. Our staff can see they have to work hard, but they can enjoy what they do. We do have a strong work ethic, but the work hard play hard ethic brings everyone together."Family ownership helps engender this feeling. The people who own the business are in it daily, running it. Even Tordoff's father Jack, the son of founder Edward, remains as chairman and still calls into the dealerships and was in the headquarters on the morning of AM's visit.Tordoff believes the thin tier of management means issues can be considered and acted upon quickly. Frequent visits to the dealerships, the most enjoyable and important part of his role, he said, allow him to speak to employees and keep abreast of the issues. This has enabled the company to spot opportunities to make small, but noticable differ­ences to help staff deliver a 'wow' experience overall. One example was giving every sales executive and service adviser two umbrellas for when they're discussing a car with a customer or walking them back to their car after service.So what's next for JCT600? While he may not want to double the scale of the business Tordoff admits the company has "itchy feet" for an acquisition. Its last was the takeover of Bramall & Jones' five Audi dealerships in Lincolnshire in 2010. Last year the group strengthened its operations management Sponsored byContinuesboard in preparation for expansion, and Tordoff admitted there are gaps in the group's franchise portfolio which he would love to fill. Jaguar and Land Rover are the obvious missing links in JCT600's chain of premium and prestige franchises. At the JCT600 balances its premium business with selective manstream brands800,000,000600,000,000400,000,000200,000,00020002001200220032004200520062007200820092010201120002001200220032004200520062007200200920102011200020012002200320042005200620072008200920102011020,000,00015,000,00010,000,0005,000,000-TurnoverAnalysis of annual performance data held at our AMi economic crash and remains poised to grow further