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New car marketNewsCV ShownewsUsed car analysisNewsRecruitmentdigestDealer profileShowroom"Bringing back the scrappage scheme would help too. It helped us through a difficult period and everyone in the industry was surprised they didn't continue with it because it wasn't actually costing the Government anything to do it with the tax it was gaining."The 'shoulder is still to the wheel' and Snows knows it will be a tough year. The group will continue to build on its relationships with its business partners and there are plenty of new products coming through to help the group to continue to be successful and deliver a positive year.There's also no ambition to move beyond its current geographical coverage.Snow said: "Our expertise is tuned to the local markets and we have a brand here. We have opened seven businesses in the last three years, which is enough."Some are doing really well and some have been more difficult to "get going". He said: "We had a tough first year with Volvo and Kia in Basingstoke, but it's going well now. It's a much improved business."Peugeot Romsey is a new brand for us so it's a new relationship to build."It's a lot harder work if you take our new businesses with franchises that haven't been represented in the area before. You've got to find your customers and put your name out there"Snows will always try to recruit from within and this is one of the elements which helps ensure the group installs the family ethos at new startup dealerships. Snow said: "If we've got good people coming through then we'll always try and marry them up together."The Government could do more to help dealers with businesses facing increased costs from pensions, NI contributions and fuel, he said. Unnecessary regulation is also another big problem.Snow said: "There does seem to be a lot of red tape and sometimes that involves employing outside consult-ants to help get you through it and that's all extra cost to the business.Kia is one of eight franchises represented by SnowsSource financial KPIs