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New car marketNewsCV Show newsUsed caranalysisNewsRecruitmentdigestDealer profileShowroomAM Digest News round-up ContinuesUltra Low Emissions Vans Study, by Element Energy, which was carried out before the introduction of the plug-in grant for electric vans and does not take into account the discount in the London Congestion Charge, suggests the odds are stacked against electric vans providing a cost-effective option for fleet operators - even when looking more than a decade ahead.Source Fleet News April 19Read more...Low emissions fleet for OlympicsBMW and the London 2012 organising committee, Locog, revealed details of the 4,000-strong vehicle fleet the carmaker will be providing as Official Automotive Partner for this year's Olympic and Paralympic Games.Source The Independent, April 27Read more...More MGs to comeThe MG brand stalled in 2004 and it has struggled to get re-started. But things are looking up, according to design chief Tony Williams. While we haven't see too much yet from MG under Chinese ownership, we can expect a lot more coming to the UK in the future, he said.Source AM April 24Read more...Economy newsUK enters double dip recessionThe UK economy has returned to recession, after shrinking by 0.2% in the first three months of 2012. A sharp fall in construction output was behind the surprise contraction, the Office for National Statistics said.Source BBC April 25Read more...Motor insurance gets cheaperMotor insurance costs fell in the first three months of the year after a period of rising premiums, the AA has said. The cost of comprehensive car insurance dropped by 1.1% to £1,132 at the end of March, based on the cheapest premiums from a range of employers. Although 7.7% higher than a year ago, the annual increase has slowed.Source BBC April 25Read more...Online cookie law in forceIn just over a month, websites will be forced to ask permission before placing cookies that track online behaviour onto internet users' browsers. New research shows that companies might be too complacent about their chances of being prosecuted.Source Marketing Week April 24Read more...Workers face higher tax chargeThe higher rates of tax will be paid by 4.1 million people during this financial year. HM Revenue & Customs forecasts that 3.8 million will be taxed at the 40% higher rate and a further 307,000 will be taxed at the 50% additional rate.Source BBC May 1Read more...

By Adrian Rushmoremanaging editor, Glass'sAt the beginning of the century customers had the choice of buying any one of 2,000 new models; assuming, of course, that money was no object. By this year the choice has expanded to nearly 10,000, which is a five­fold increase. Yet, over this period registrations have fallen by around 10%. This means that the success, or failure, of all new products is more delicately balanced than ever before. The key ingredients of success are competitive pricing, product differentiation, and most impor­tant of all, brand equity.The dictionary definition of the term brand is an association of meaningful experiences and expectations that make something special or unique. It is the personality that is attached to the inanimate object of a new car. Importantly, consumers relate branding to added value. This means that where a manufacturer enjoys a strong brand by virtue of its name (BMW), or its product (Golf), premium pricing becomes possible.The power of the brand is what gives car manu­facturers the edge. It is behind the reason why the premium brand manufacturers have steadily increased their market share over the past 20 years. The major success stories have been enjoyed by BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Audi who, between them, have seen their share of the total market increase threefold. An increase in brand equity has gone, hand in hand, with further market penetration. These companies have always promoted an ownership experience through their advertising. Contrast this style of marketing with many of the volume brands who focus their energies on the Used car analysisBrand power is what gives manufacturers the edgeIt's why the premium brands have seen steady market share increase over the past 20 yearsAdrian RushmoreBMW enjoys a strong brand by virtue of its name