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AdvertisemePentana Solutions - Setting tIn what is widely seen as a bold move, Pentana Solutions (Australasia's dominant DMS provider) has entered the UK market. AM Magazine has interviewed Craig Stanley, Pentana Solutions' Vice President for their International Retail business, to ask why Pentana Solutions have made this move and what they hope to bring to the market."Craig why has Pentana Solutions decided to enter the UK market at this diffi cult time?""Well, our strong position in Australasia is well known, today we have over 45,000 users; we are committed to growing our business and cementing our position as a truly global player. Recently, we have seen amazing growth in Th ailand, Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines and we have presence in 35 countries around the globe. As well as developing presence in automotive distribution, one of the key objectives of our purchase of IDS in 2010 was to give us access to Europe. Since that time we have been assessing what the local market needs and building partnerships. We are now ready to go, not just in the UK, but in Europe generally.""How have you been received so far?""We have had strong interest from a number of major dealer groups. Th e market appears to welcome an alternative to set a higher benchmark in the automotive industry at a competitive and cost eff ective price.""As you said earlier, in Australia and Asia you are a major force in the DMS sector, but here in the UK you are not an established name. How do you position yourselves?""We hear dealers say that they like the attitude of the smaller players (when compared to some of the larger companies) but want the security that they perceive comes from the big guys. Being new to the market but with the substantial back-up and resources of our Australian headquarters as well as those in other markets, we can off er the open, transparent and fl exible approach of the smaller DMS vendors. Pentana Solutions off ers a complete WindowsT-based DMS solution and can off er all of the benefi ts of working with a market-leader, for example security, investment in R&D, manufacturer relationships, support and infrastructure. You can think of us as the best of both worlds.""It sounds too good to be true. What do you see as the barriers?" "Th ere is still some uncertainty in the market due to the economic climate, but uncertainty creates opportunity. Th ere are still acquisitions going on and expansions taking place, and of course there is the continued growth of multi-franchise sites. Th ese changes have made dealers question the functionality, value and cost eff ectiveness of their current systems. Some people will be apprehensive about working with the 'new kids on the block' but they only need to look at what we have achieved in other markets to be confi dent that we know about opening up new markets and achieving successful partnerships with our customers quickly."For further information, please call David Jiear on

ent featurethe New Benchmark in DMS "But in such a mature market as the UK, how do you plan to diff erentiate yourselves from the competition?""Our competitive edge lies with our product; we off er a scalable, intuitive,WindowsT-based solution with a simple and transparent pricing model.We aim to avoid those nasty surprises that can push up the real cost ofownership once the investment is made, and we want to develop goodlong-term partnerships with all of our customers, as we have done for over 38 years in the industry." "Can you give some examples of the features of your complete solution?""Yes of course, for our customers, we act as a true one-stop shop off ering everything from website development, networks, stationery, telemarketing, electronic document management and business consulting.""OK Craig, I think our readers will now have some idea about Pentana Solutions' general approach to business, but what about the core DMS solution itself?""Th e product we are deploying internationally is called DealerPRO and it "OK, tell us about your reporting tools?""We believe that to manage an eff ective business, managers need open access to data in real time. Our data is not locked away in some technical vault that only trained I.T. staff (or worse still the DMS vendor) can access with confi dence. In our Executive reporting suite we have confi gurable dash-boards and KPI reports that provide total transparency across a whole dealer group in real-time. Th ese tools are extremely valuable allowing some of the national Australian importers and distributors that use them to assess the overall health of their dealer network and brand in the market.""You mentioned IDS earlier. How does that fi t in with your DMS solution?""IDS provides solutions to automotive manufacturers, importers and distributors. Our soft ware solutions support these customers in vehicle and part distribution and warranty claim management and accounting. We also have a world class EPC that is quickly gaining favour around the world. Clearly these interface to DMS solutions with many touch-points, so we are now able to off er true end-to-end capability in that supply-chain. We call this Integration Gold.""Finally Craig, is there anything else you would like to mention? "Pentana Solutions aims to "shake up" the market with our comprehensive range of products and services. With a proven solution which is suited to dealers of all sizes from 5 to 5,000 users, we look forward to partnering with a range of diversifi ed clients. Our cost-eff ective solution is available in the European market today. Our prices compete head-on with the market has a number of key benefi ts that we believe set it apart. We recognise and facilitate the need for open interfaces to third party specialist service suppliers. Secondly our CRM is second to none - in a world where multi-franchise, multi-site groups abound, and where dealer principals want their staff to give not just good, but truly outstanding customer service, a single, easy-to-navigate view of each customer is essential. It is also essential that sales managers can readily see what is happening in their 'store' on a minute-by-minute basis, that is where our superior reporting tools come into play."01628 581820 or e-mail"Th anks Craig. Good luck and please keep us posted".and right now we are off ering some brilliant early-adopter packages, so anyone switching to us now will make major savings in operating costs as well as receiving an exceptional product that will drive improvements and profi tability in their business.