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LAN KNOWS...SOUTH AMERICAAIRLINESnow with more incentive destinationsEaster Island, ChileIguazu Falls, ArgentinaAtacama Desert, ChileMendoza, ArgentinaMachu Picchu, PeruGalapagos Islands, EcuadorBuenos Aires, ArgentinaFor inquiries and quotes please contact us

Show Directory sponsored byVisit Newport Beach, California. Stand 1142AIBTM 2011 Show Directory www.aibtm.com14 AIBTM Professional Education ProgramTuesday, June 21 - Schedule of Events continued1:00 pm - 4:00 pmRoom 314MPI Global Training on the Road @ AIBTM Presented by Ruud Jansen, Marketing Entrepreneur, TNOC The Objective CollectiveAre you a meeting and business events leader looking to enhance your strategic decision-making abilities, enabling delivery of exceptional meetings and events that drive organizational success? Sounds familiar? Then this MPI Global Training on the road is for you!MPI's is providing 3 hours of dynamic training at AIBTM, which consists of globally recognized skills and competencies training for the meeting and business event professional. The content for these sessions is directly coming from MPI Global Training modules of the Global certificate in Meetings and Business Events level III (a 5-day residential program) and the most prestigious designation in the meetings and events industry; CMM. This session offers learning opportunities and the possibility to interact and ask your questions to multiple CMM trainers while in this session where we will connect you with the global experts in the trade that deliver the CMM training around the globe.If you are interested in personal career advancement or obtaining an international designation in meetings management, don't miss this session! This is your chance to get a sense of where you are in your professional development and what training will enable you to move your career to the next step of professionalism. 1:30 pm - 2:30 pmRoom 310Mobilizing Your EventsPresented by Olivier Delerm, CMO, Certain Software Inc Mobility seems to be on everyone's mind for meetings, events and conferences. How does mobilization fit into your goal to improve the business value of events for every stakeholder (meeting planners, attendees, sponsors, exhibitors, etc.)? This session will explore the benefits of mobilized events: sustainability, productivity, increased social activity, and less stress for everyone. We will explore seven do's and don'ts for a successful mobile experience at the event, and lift the curtain on what events of the future could look like based on mobile technology. We will wrap up with simple steps that meeting planners can take to step into mobility with the right foot.2:00 pm - 3:00 pmRoom 309Branding Your Product Masterclass - "Socialization of Your Brand" Presented by Ilan Geva, Ilan Geva and Friends"What is branding? The influence of consumer behaviour has on branding is vital to your business growth and brand development. Find out how to link both internal and external branding to create a solid future for your brand.When branding yourself internationally - there can be cultural differences and your brand is important in breaking down barriers, how can you help to achieve a successful global brand.Many talk these days about the role of social media in building brands. We will discuss the role social media really plays in branding and the ways to handle this current hot topic.2:00 pm - 3:00 pmRoom 308Leadership Challenges for the Future AssociationPresented by Paul Bridle, Information Contextualizer How are changes in the way we work and the way we do business going to affect Associations in the future? Paul will share some of the trends facing leaders of Associations and what needs to be done to make Associations more meaningful. This is an opportunity to rethink the business model we use and challenge our thinking of what we deliver.2:30 pm - 4:30 pmRoom 307ICCA SeminarInternational Association Meetings: Decision-Making, Bidding & Ambassador Programs - Lessons from Leading Global DestinationsModerator: Martin Sirk, CEO, ICCACalling all ambitious US city DMOs and top convention center executives! Do you want to increase the number of international association conferences in your city? Do you want to build powerful, meetings-centered relationships with your local politicians, business leaders, medical institutions and universities? Do you want to achieve this without spending a lot of money? If so, this is the session for you. The top marketers from some of the most consistently top-ranked global cities that target this strategically important market segment will be here to share the secrets of their success. We also encourage international destination marketers and AIBTM Hosted Buyers from the association sector to attend this session, since there will be many relevant learning points for these attendees.