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Show Directory sponsored byVisit Newport Beach, California. Stand 1142AIBTM 2011 Show Directory www.aibtm.com16 AIBTM Professional Education ProgramWednesday, June 22 - Education Events9:00 am - 10:00 amRoom 307Conference Content DeliveryDianne Devitt, DND GroupHow does conference content affect renting lounge furniture for set up? What is Kinetic Engineering and why is it so important to the delegate experience and your investment. With the impact of social media still fighting the we've-always-done-it-this-way mentality, how and when does the planner maximize the visual importance of a first impression to reinforce the objective and goals. The unique and vital role of meeting and event styling is burgeoning as a distinct specialty of its own - but where is the talent for this function? As content and knowledge continues to be experienced on YouTube and TED, what options exist for the planner to produce different experiences and engage all generations of attendees? How do you sell these concepts to senior management? This session will deliver creative inspiration, engage participants in role playing, discuss the various roles emerging in our industry and correlate them to existing communication vehicles like Advertising and PR. In an age of confusion, what color is your event?You will learn:. The growing awareness of the communication mix of Advertising/PR/M&E. How social media is a driving force in designing for learning, networking and interaction. To recognize the need to identify options for creative integration in a meeting and event9:00 am - 10:00 amRoom 314The Role of Supplier's in Motivational Experiences and Incentive Travel ProgramsIn partnership with SiteIncentive programs and motivational events depend on the collaboration of many professionals within the value chain - and when you look at all the partnerships there is no denying the global importance of incentive houses, hotels and destination management companies to this process. Moderated by Madelyn Marusa, DMCP, Trustee for the Site International Foundation and Vice President, Industry Relations Allied PRA Destination Management, this session will offer recent research findings and facilitate discussions on trends to explore shifts in the market as we see them today and project for the future. Whether you specify and purchase incentive travel services or are a DMC, this session will offer insight that may help you with future conversations on sourcing, pricing, and service as they relate to the high demands of incentive programs9:00 am - 10:00 amRoom 308Selecting a Value Destination for Your Next International Association MeetingPresented by Pat Durocher and Roger Staffer, Global CynergiesIn this session Global Cynergies' will share from their experience a sample of international destinations that may provide value to your organization and something new for the attendee in addition to other tips to increase attendance, reduce costs, and increase revenue base.9:00 am - 10:00 am Room 309Lessons From the Trenches - Leveraging the Latest Technologies to Engage AttendeesModerated by Olivier Delerm, CMO, Certain SoftwarePanelists: Corbin Ball, International Speaker, Consultant and Writer; Marin Bright, Founder, Bright Business Media and Editor,; Mike Malinchok, Founder and President, S2K Consulting; and Brad Neuman, Technical Director, metroConnectionsMobile Applications? Interactive Audience Response System? Social Media? Augmented Reality? Hybrid Events? Technology is all around us as at every turn these days, but what technologies can truly break through to help you better engage with attendees before, during and after your events? While everyone seems to agree that attendee engagement is a key factor in improving the success of meetings, this panel will explore how technology can play a role in facilitating it, amplifying experiences, and measuring the results and benefits. Industry experts and meeting professionals will discuss their own successes and failures with technology for events as well as their research on the topic. Attendees will benefit from valuable "lessons from the trenches" shared by panelists, that will help organizations take the right steps towards better engaging attendees at different types of events.

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