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Northwest Territories Tourism

Show Directory sponsored byVisit Newport Beach, California. Stand 1142AIBTM 2011 Show Directory www.aibtm.com18 AIBTM Professional Education ProgramWednesday, June 22 - Education Events continued11:00 am - 12:00 pmRoom 310The Launch of the AIBTM & MPI Business Value of Meetings Research Presented by Bill Voegeli, Association InsightsMeetings drive sales and profitability for businesses and enable organizations to deliver on key strategic objectives. They serve as a catalyst for education and professional development, motivation, behavioral change and concrete action. And for the hundreds of local economies that rely on the meetings economy, conferences create jobs and tax revenues wherever participants gather. Meeting professionals have known this for years. Now they can prove it! This session will reveal results from the first-ever Business Value of Meetings (BVOM) research. This international study has uncovered best practices, steps to avoid, expected outcomes, and practical ways to introduce the measurement and reporting of Business Value of Meetings within organizations. Join Bill Voegeli in this session to learn more about this topic and walk away with insights on how to immediately introduce BVOM measures to your meetings and communicate the value of these meetings in such a way that it is never questioned again.Learner outcomes:. The ability to recognize BVOM opportunities within their organizations. Ways to introduce BVOM within their organizations. Practical ways to measure and report BVOM. Mistakes to avoid when establishing BVOM measures and reports 2:00 pm - 6:00 pmRooms 301 & 302CEO SummitThursday, June 23 - Education Events9:00 am - 10:00 amRoom 310Changing Times - Emerging TrendsPresented by Mary MacGregor, Vice President, Account Development, BCD Meetings & Incentives and Matthew Wall, Vice President, Marketing & Communications, BCD Meetings & IncentivesThe global economic downturn has had a huge impact on the events industry, and this session will look at how the post-recession industry landscape is looking on both sides of the Atlantic. What are the trends that will shape our industry? What's important to today's buyers? Understanding the current trends - from hotel and destination selections to price, proposals and contracting requirements, this session will focus on what customers are saying and asking for in today's evolving marketplace. The information will include client perspectives from the US and EMEA regions as well as highlight trends specifically relevant to key industries. 9:00 am - 10:00 amRooms 308Measurement in Motivational Events and Incentive Travel ProgramsIn partnership with SiteROI, ROO, ROE..we all know we need to measure more but what does this mean and how can we go about doing it better? Site Managing Director Allison Summers moderates a thoughtful dialogue that will incorporate perspectives from industry leaders and attendees to the session. Content will touch on the many opportunities for measurement points within the incentive program by providing case study examples and identifying available resources. So if you wonder how you can measure more effectively in your role then join Site for this conversation.9:00 am - 10:00 amRoom 309Positive Impact Workshop: How to Make Your Event More SustainableIn partnership with Positive Impact This interactive workshop will provide you with an understanding of what you can do to make your event more sustainability. You will be given best practices examples and case studies from industry leaders to understand how to create a more sustainable event.Online Seminar and Education Evaluation at AIBTM - Sponsored by MeetingMetricsAIBTM will this year be using the MeetingsMetrics online survey and evaluation tools for their educational sessions for AIBTM 2011. All AIBTM educational sessions will be evaluated, including speaker and topic content. Log onto www.aibtm/surveys and complete the individual seminar session evaluations during AIBTM. In addition, attendess on Hosted Buyer Program will be emailed after AIBTM with a link to complete an additional program evaluation. Help us to evaluate our sessions and improve our educational content for 2012! How to Claim Your CMP PointsParticipants are responsible for tracking each continuing education session attended for credit towards the CMP application or recertification. For your convenience the Convention Industry Council has a form to assist you in tracking your continuing education at AIBTM. Please stop by the CIC Booth # 800 to pick up a continuing education form or visit to access the form. If you have any questions please visit Christina Buck at the CIC booth or email