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New car marketNewsDealerprofileNew carnewsUsed carRecruitmentanalysisNewsdigestShowroom By Simon Bowkett, of Symco TrainingWhen a customer calls a dealership nowadays, it is usually to find out about prices. But if you tell them straight away they will simply keep asking more questions until they have all the information they want - at which point they'll end the call and you are unlikely to see them again. So how do you break that cycle? How do you convert that initial enquiry into an appointment who actually turns up? That's what the video below is all about. It's only a few minutes long, but it shows you the right words and phrases to use to, firstly, take control of the conversation and then to secure the appointment.Sales execs: improve your telephone skillsImprove your selling skills - for freeFor a link to more free online videos, email me at or call on 01829 760 679. Or follow me on Twitter @SymcoSimonAdvertisement featureVolkswagen outlet Lincolnshire dealershipto grow nationally to minimise our over- exposure to East Anglia and grow with scalable businesses as well as to build depth to our rela-tionships with key brand partners like the Volk-swagen Group."Around 120 staff have transferred to Marshall from F Cross & Sons, a family business which has traded since 1958.Spencer Clayton-Jones, national franchise man-ager at Volkswagen UK, thanked the Cross family for more than two decades of partnership with the brand, and said Volkswagen looks forward to working with Huayra, which was shown at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show. Pagani expects to sell 40 Huayra globally each year.HR Owen chief executive Joe Doyle (pictured right with Pagani's founder Horacio Pagani) said: "We are delighted that Pagani has recog-nised the position of HR Owen as the UK's leading supercar dealer. "This is another step in our strategy for growth in the world of luxury supercars, with Pagani joining seven other highly prestigious marques."Daksh Gupta

Dealer profile PendragonA delegate in the audience had asked him about the impact of the internet on motor retail.Six months on, Trevor Finn told AM he is amused that none of the delegates picked up on that statement. As he describes it: "Every­body nodded gleefully and we moved on, as if that was all right."What I tried to say was the way we do things today won't still be taking place, it won't be happening - it "In five years' time all this will be gone." That's a pretty powerful statement, by anyone's standards. What makes it even more weighty is that it was delivered by the head of the UK's largest franchised dealer group, Pendragon, at AM's Franchised Dealer Conference. Tim Rose caught up with him23 YEARS AS THE Sponsored byContinues