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Dealer profile PendragonA delegate in the audience had asked him about the impact of the internet on motor retail.Six months on, Trevor Finn told AM he is amused that none of the delegates picked up on that statement. As he describes it: "Every­body nodded gleefully and we moved on, as if that was all right."What I tried to say was the way we do things today won't still be taking place, it won't be happening - it "In five years' time all this will be gone." That's a pretty powerful statement, by anyone's standards. What makes it even more weighty is that it was delivered by the head of the UK's largest franchised dealer group, Pendragon, at AM's Franchised Dealer Conference. Tim Rose caught up with him23 YEARS AS THE Sponsored byContinues

New car marketNewsDealerprofileNew car newsUsed carRecruitmentanalysisNews digestShowroomAM PROMOTIONSir Philip Green, the doyen of UK retailing, recently suggested that flatlining in 2012 should be seen as the new growth. Perhaps many in the automotive industry would secretively subscribe to his view. So, while we cannot control the impact that the global economic climate has on the industry, perhaps we should turn to aspects of our business for which we can retain total control?As we all continue to search for the silver bullet of 2012, we may be able to simultaneously develop a series of internal bullets that have the ability to compound into the singular silver bullet that is so often sought.At this stage, the people, processes and technology of our operations come into sharp focus. After all, these areas are controllable and may just contain an opportunity to develop an alternative approach to enhance operational and financial performances (and so the first of many internal bullets is formed).Supagard's experience and understanding of the manufacturer and retail aspects of the UK automotive industry facilitate the provision of bespoke and proven performance enhancement strategies that are strongly aligned with the people, processes and technology of their client base.Experienced and trusted suppliers represent an integral aspect of business operations. If that experience and trust also supports your search for performance enhancements then maybe that search for internal bullets just became that bit easier. SPONSOR'S COMMENTTHE UK'S NO. 1