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New car marketNewsNewsdigestShowroomAM AwardsNew carnewsAMIndexRecruitmentCayenne tweaks edge up power and cut emissionsDriven Porsche Cayenne diesel - on sale nowBy Tom SeymourPorsche has overhauled its Cayenne diesel to feature more power while increasing fuel economy and reducing emissions.The 4x4 may still rub Porsche enthusiasts the wrong way, but the Cayenne is what brings in volume and the most money for the brand.The engine tweaks mean power is boosted from 240bhp to 245bhp and some bodyshell liposuction sees fuel economy rise to 39mpg from 38.2mpg and CO2 emissions have dropped six grams to 189g/km. The CO2 reduction hasn't made a difference to VED costs, but squeezing a bit of extra mileage out of the tank will always be welcomed by customers.So not gigantic improvements then, but things are moving in the right direction and it all helps to make owning a luxury SUV that bit more affordable. Did I say affordable? Customers forking out for a diesel will have to pay almost £4,000 over the petrol model and AM's test model was fitted with an eye watering £14,000 worth of optional extras. Plenty of upsell opportunities then.Customers expect the best from Porsche and build quality is excel-lent. The cabin is roomy and there's plenty of space in the back for rear occupants. The boot has 670 litres of space.The Cayenne is excellent at wafting around in comfort, with impressive acceleration in keeping with Porsche's sporting heritage. Handling is sharp and the steering feels nicely weighted. However, while the diesel is swift, it's a quiet and refined experience, rather than an exhilarating thrill ride.An equivalent BMW X5 is £8,500 cheaper than this fully loaded Cayenne diesel so customers will have to calculate the value of the Porsche badge before deciding what they go for. If they should choose to flash the cash, they will be safe in the knowledge that the Cayenne diesel holds its value exceptionally well as a used car, retaining 70.4% after three years.SpecificationPrice £60,380Engine 3.0-litre V6 245bhpPerformance 0-62mph 7.6 secs; top speed 138mphTransmission 8-sp autoEfficiency 39.2mpg; 189g/km CO2RV (3yr/30k) 70.4%Rivals BMW X5, Range Rover SportBodyshell liposuction nudges up mpg to 39

Ideal family runabout is good match for its rivalsDriven Citroën C4 Exclusive HDI150By Tim RoseIt's now almost a year since the new Citroën C4 went on sale and more than 5,000 have found homes in the UK, according to Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders' figures. While the volume is surprisingly small compared to the Ford Focus's 77,875 units or Vauxhall Astra's 57,719 units, the C4 is a fine hatchback, and certainly stands its ground against the two fleet-dominating rivals. In the retail market in particular, where a C-segment hatchback is a key family runabout, the C4 caters for this well. Even with a teenager and two younger children perched on the part-leather rear seat it didn't seem too much of a squeeze for an hour's journey. The smooth, comfortable ride was appreciated by all, and the five-door hatchback's performance was far from lacking even when fully loaded, including its 408-litre boot stuffed with sports bags. The kids were also amused by the function to change the display colours and cabin ambience.Thankfully Citroën dropped the floating steering wheel idea used in its predecessor. However there were still an over-whelming plethora of wheel-mounted buttons to get to grips with on this range-topping Executive trim model, which may take buyers a few weeks to become fully comfortable with. But it does reinforce the impression of this being a technology-laden, customer-focused car.The 2.0-litre diesel engine in this derivative is a pokey and accomplished unit. Its 148bhp power output can sprint the car up to 130mph, and see 62mph in well under 10 seconds. Despite its power it still achieves decent economy of 56.5mpg and keeps CO2 emissions down to 130g/km. Nevertheless, an even more frugal 1.6-litre diesel with 110bhp is also in the C4 range, to serve that greater number of buyers who put purchase price and lower running costs over outright performance and glitz.SpecificationPrice £21,645Engine 2.0 diesel: 148bhpPerformance 0-62 8.6sec, top speed 129 mphTransmission 6-sp manualEfficiency 56.5mpg, 130g/km CO2RV (3yr/30k) 32.2%Rivals Ford Focus, Renault MeganeShowroom