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New car marketNewsNewsdigestShowroomAMAwardsNew carnewsAMIndexRecruitmentNew car marketBy Tim Rose and Tom SeymourHard toil by all franchised dealers and carmakers led to a total of 1,941,253 new car registrations in the UK in 2011, according to data from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders.Given the adverse economic conditions and consumer uncertainty, for the year's market to end just 4.4% behind 2010's result was a significant achievement. The total was slightly ahead of the SMMT forecast given in September, when ambi-tions were downgraded from the original forecast of 1.97 million sales.In a challenging year which saw many fleets finally renew their ageing company cars, it certainly paid to have a German-owned brand or two among the franchise portfolio in 2011. Whether premium or mainstream, all except Porsche and Smart posted growth in registrations and together the 10 brands of Germanic parentage took a 32.7% slice of the total market. Now, two weeks into 2012, dealers are focused on the business of today and tomorrow and the signs are there that the hard slog will continue.At the RMI National Franchised Dealers Associa-tion, director Sue Robinson said its forecast in part-nership with Deloitte is for a 1.84m market in 2012.Top 10 models in December by UK regionClick here December 2011new car regs by UK regionClick here New car registrationsA challenging year sees German brands to the fore as sales top 1.94m4.4% drop in 2011 looks set to continue in 2012Source: Total Diesel Petrol AFV Private Fleet Business2011 119,188 60,570 56,763 1,855 45,300 67,161 6,7272010 123,817 62,507 59,918 1,392 52,083 64,003 7,731% change -3.7% -3.1% -5.3% 33.3% -13.0% 4.9% -13.0%Mkt share '11 50.8% 47.6% 1.6% 38.0% 56.3% 5.6%Mkt share '10 50.5% 48.4% 1.1% 42.1% 51.7% 6.2%Full year Total Diesel Petrol AFV Private Fleet Business2011 1,941,253 981,594 934,203 25,456 823,094 1,019,126 99,0332010 2,030,846 936,406 1,071,575 22,865 958,005 973,233 99,608% change -4.4% 4.8% -12.8% 11.3% -14.1% 4.7% -0.6%Mkt share '11 50.6% 48.1% 1.3% 42.4% 52.5% 5.1%Mkt share '10 46.1% 52.8% 1.1% 47.2% 47.9% 4.9%

Robinson added: "While the economy remains fragile and the Euro crisis continues to affect stability, consumer confidence remains very low. Many consumers are finding their finances constrained due to inflationary pressure on household bills and travel costs. Those who do have money to spare are putting off larger purchases until there are signs that the economy is starting on a road to recovery."We would urge the Government to take meas­ures now to secure the UK economy and to bring back consumer confidence."She said the NFDA is meeting with Danny Alex­ander, chief secretary to the Treasury, this month to request that action is swiftly taken to bring in meas­ures to support growth, and bring back confidence to consumers and business alike. At the SMMT, chief executive Paul Everitt looked for positivity: "Weak economic growth will make trading conditions tough in 2012, but record numbers of new and updated models, significantly improved fuel efficiency and exciting new technologies will New car markethelp to encourage consumers into showrooms. "Business and consumer confidence will be the key to a successful year, so it will be important that government delivers on its growth strategy and helps to resolve instability in the Euro Zone."2011 risers and fallersWhile Ford rounded off its centenary year with yet another volume victory at the top of the table, both Vauxhall and the Blue Oval saw drops of 5% in total 2011 volumes.The battle in the German premium segment is still raging with BMW beating Audi with volume and market share in the year as a whole. The brands now hold fourth and fifth place as the UK's most popular with BMW selling 116,642 units and Audi selling 113,797 units. Audi also posted growth of almost 14% compared to BMW's 6.6% in 2011 so it will be interesting to see who comes out on top in 2012.Mercedes-Benz is behind its German rivals in eighth place with 81,873 units sold in total for 2011, but the brand is hopeful a fresh injection of smaller models, including its new A-Class, will help it to get back into the fight. Things are moving in the right direction with 9.2% growth in 2011 for the German brand.? Infiniti 64.66%? Lexus 33.33%? Alfa Romeo 30.89%? MG 27.66%? Mini 14.23%? Audi 13.99%? Seat 9.58%? Skoda 9.27%? Mercedes-Benz 9.20%? Nissan 7.35%? Daihatsu -98.24% ? Lotus -42.98% ? Proton -41.85% ? Smart -34.07% ? Subaru -32.41% ? Mazda -31.31%? Saab -29.84%? Perodua -28.65%? Renault -28.41%? Fiat -21.62%BIGGEST GROWERS 2011BIGGEST FALLERS 2011Nissan's up-market brand Infiniti has shown the biggest growth in new car sales in 2011