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Hyundai has come a long way in a very short space of time. The Korean brand's market share is not only close to catching Citroën and Renault; it's not far off even Toyota.Mini's expanding model range helped it to boost volumes by 14.23% last year and Seat and Skoda both saw solid growth of 9.58% and 9.27% respectively.Renault is taking steps to reorganise its business in the UK and its performance in 2011 validates the decision to trim its model range and create a smaller, more profitable business. The French manufacturer saw its volumes drop by 28.41% last year. Mazda also had a tough year which saw volumes drop by 31.31% as it waited for an injection of new product and its Skyactiv technology.Fiat also saw a drop of 21.62% to 41,612 units in 2011 as it relied on its 500 for sales.December's highlightsWere it not the year-end figures making the news, Vauxhall pipping Ford to the post in December by 1,000 units might have made a few headlines.Despite being beaten by BMW in the volume stakes in December, Audi posted growth of 24.33% in the month. Hyundai saw massive growth in December helping it to jump into the top 10 by volume, beating its French competitors down the table.Land Rover also saw good growth in December, New car marketDecember 2011 1 Fiesta 5,411 1 Fiesta 96,1122 Corsa 5,258 2 Focus 81,8323 Astra 4,856 3 Corsa 77,7514 Focus 4,047 4 Golf 63,3685 Golf 4,031 5 Astra 62,5756 Polo 2,742 6 Insignia 46,3247 Mini 2,706 7 Polo 45,9928 Qashqai 2,580 8 3 Series 42,4719 Insignia 2,494 9 Qashqai 39,40610 i10 2,411 10 Mini 35,845Top 10 best-sellersSource: 22.85%, helped by the introduction of the new Range Rover Evoque.A mild start to winter means Subaru's all-wheel drive credentials couldn't help it boost sales in December, seeing a 66.75% drop for the brand.Brands needing new product also suffered at the end of the year with Alfa Romeo and Mitsubishi posting 43.55% and 45.15% drops in volume respec­tively in December.Honda volumes have also been affected by the delay and muted reaction to its new Civic with volumes down 40.94%.Mercedes is hoping its new smaller class models, including the A-Class, will help it lift sales in 2012video July 2009 AME