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New car marketNewsNewsdigestShowroomAM AwardsNew car newsAMIndexRecruitment By Simon Bowkett, of Symco TrainingBuying a car is not always a rational process - we buy for emotional reasons too. That's why, when qualifying, we don't just qualify the deal, but also the customer - what they do, what their hobbies are, etc. We need to understand the emotions that are driving them. There are six types of buyer, and if we can recognise which one our customer is it becomes easier to sell to them. So, next time you speak to a customer, don't just qualify the deal. But first, watch the video for more tips on recognising and selling to the different types of buyer.Understanding your customers' emotionsImprove your selling skills - for freeFor a link to more free online videos, email me at or call on 01829 760 679. Or follow me on Twitter @SymcoSimonAdvertisement featureRichard Sanders Group is adding a Citroën franchise to its existing businessexisting Honda business in West Bromwich, which has operated for 10 years.It follows on from the car dealer group's intro-duction of Hyundai at Wolverhampton in April last year, and has created 10 jobs.Brindley Garages chairman Robin Brindley said: "It's a perfect time to be joining Hyundai. It is one of the fastest growing car manufacturers in the UK."Dews Motor Group has opened a Mitsubishi dealership in Brighouse, Yorkshire.The dealership will cover the Huddersfield and Halifax territories, and will become the fifth brand in family-owned Dews' portfolio across four sites. It has Vauxhall and Alfa Romeo franchises in the same Bradford Road location.Craig Hamer, managing director of Dews Motor Group, said: "We see the addition of Mitsubishi to our brand portfolio as an opportunity to provide real choices for our customers - and to provide a thoroughbred alternative to the 'all terrain' segment within Huddersfield and Halifax." July 2009 AME 1AblAck&