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PerspectiveFlagsol, now using several PDMS licences, is very pleased with the solution from AVEVA. 'The good thing about PDMS is that AVEVA is truly committed to safeguarding their customers' investment. If new elements are required, they will be provided in new modules,' adds Daniel Müllenborn. An example is the Stairs and Ladders module used to design platforms, stairs, staircases, ladders and similar elements. The modules feature a modern user interface, yet integrate seamlessly with PDMS.Right now, construction work on Andasol 3 is going ahead at full speed, and 2011 will see the commissioning of the third parabolic trough power plant in Spain. Meanwhile, planning for the next major project has already started. The planned solar thermal power plant in Extremadura, Spain, due to start operating in 2013, will be about the same size as Andasol. Once again, Flagsol will be relying on PDMS.Flagsol GmbH supplies the technology, and is a general contractor, for parabolic trough power plants. Solar Millennium AG (74.9%) and Ferrostaal AG (25.1%) have pooled their competencies in this joint venture in order to develop and build these large solar power plants. In Spain, Solar Millennium has developed Europe's first parabolic trough power plants, working in cooperation with partners. Parabolic trough power plants use the only technology for utilising solar energy in large power plants to have been commercially proven over many years; these plants have been commercially successful in California since 1985. The core element is the solar array with its reflectors. It consists of parabolic mirrors made from extremely transparent silver-coated glass. These concentrate the incident sunlight by a factor of 80 onto an absorber tube located in the collector's focal line. In the absorber tube, temperature-resistant synthetic oil is circulated as a heat-carrying medium in a closed circuit. After being heated to up to 400°C, the oil is routed to heat exchangers in a centrally located power generating unit. The downstream process is the same as for the steam circuit in conventional power plants: the steam generated in the heat exchanger drives a steam turbine with a current generator. The three Andasol power plants in southern Spain deliver 50MW of power each. Together they supply up to 600,000 people with eco-friendly electricity obtained from the sun.AVEVA World Magazine 2011|Issue 223 Photograph courtesy of Solar Millennium AG / Paul Langrock.'The good thing about PDMS is that AVEVA is truly committed to safeguarding their customers' investment. If new elements are required, they will be provided in new modules...'

24AVEVA World Magazine 2011|Issue 2First implementation of AVEVA PDMS in SwedenAt SIT's head office we met Björn Malm, Manager, Layout Department, Håkan Arvidsson, PDMS Administrator, Layout Department, and Olof Ekelund, PLR System, CAD IT Department. They explained that PDMS has been in use at Finspång since the late 1980s and that it was, in fact, the first implementation of PDMS in Sweden. They told us, 'We recognise AVEVA as a solid company which, for many years, has delivered reliable engineering tools which directly support our engineering disciplines. AVEVA has also provided very good product support and service, helping us to integrate and optimise our environment.'SIT now uses PDMS for the detail engineering of combined heat and power (CHP) plants and all associated and ancillary systems to the gas and steam turbines. Fabrication of the plant is often managed by a local contractor. Besides the fabrication information, SIT also delivers the 3D PDMS model of the plant to the fabrication site. More than 65 engineers at their office are experienced users of PDMS, which is currently being used for one cogeneration plant project in Bulgaria, one in Nigeria, and three in Belarus. 10-15 projects are in progress with PDMS for steam turbine plants, and about 40 for gas turbine plants.Turnkey plantsOne example of a turnkey CHP plant designed using PDMS is the Rya CHP plant for Göteborg Energi in Gothenburg, Sweden, which now produces around 30% of the city's electric power and district heating. At this plant, three 45 MW industrial gas turbines are each connected to a supplementary-fired heat recovery steam generator (HRSG). These three boilers feed a 137 MW steam turbine, and two district heating condensers, connected after the steam turbine exhaust, supply hot water to the city's district heating system.SIT designed and delivered the whole plant, including manufacturing the turbines in SIT's workshops in Finspång.SI TSiemens Industrial Turbomachinery AB (SIT) designs and delivers power units ranging from individual steam and gas turbines up to and including complete turnkey power plants for the production of electricity, steam and heat. SIT specialises in industrial-sized units, typically powered by steam turbines from 60-250 MW, and gas turbines from 15-50 MW.SIT is a long-established AVEVA PDMS and AVEVA Global user. When we visited them, they had recently extended their use of AVEVA Plant products by implementing AVEVA Schematic 3D Integrator and AVEVA Schematic Model Manager. They did this so that they could integrate their existing Comos P&ID with the PDMS 3D model, to further enhance their engineering performance.SIT, with more than 2,600 employees, is head-quartered in Finspång, Sweden, which is often described as the cradle of Swedish industry. There were ironworks there as early as 1496, and the manufacture of cannon started in the 1600s. During the 1700s and 1800s, Finspång became one of the biggest cannon makers in the world. A steam turbine company was established there in 1913, and it was this company which, in 2003, became Siemens Industrial Turbomachinery AB. SIT is now part of the Siemens Energy Oil & Gas segment, which also uses PDMS at multiple locations in Germany and in the Czech Republic.Siemens Energy is a leading supplier of a wide range of products, solutions and services for power generation, transmission and distribution worldwide.From left, Olof Ekelund, Björn Malm and Håkan Arvidsson.Magnus Feldt Industry Marketing Manager, AVEVAexpands use of plant design technology