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BG Petrodyne supports brownfield projects in the Middle EastHeadquartered in Abu Dhabi, in the United Arab Emirates, BG Petrodyne Oil & Gas Contracting LLC provides engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) services to the oil & gas industry in the UAE, Qatar and Saudi Arabia. BG Petrodyne is an important player in the market segment for revamp or modification projects for the upstream and downstream oil & gas industry. Its services cover all major engineering disciplines including civil, structural, piping, mechanical, electrical, instrumentation, process control and automation. The company has over 70 employees, including 15 engineers and 35 field engineers.'To be able to take on more advanced and complex revamp projects, we realised that we had to move from 2D to a 3D design solution,' explained Managing Director, Saqr Binghalib. 'Using a 2D system, we often found limitations in clash detection, and that the system did not provide essential information for fabrication and construction.'He continued, 'In 2009, after a thorough evaluation, we selected the AVEVA Plant solution. One important factor in our decision was that data produced with AVEVA Plant is upward compatible with new releases. With one of the alternative systems, we discovered that it was not possible to use a plant model from an earlier version.'Immediate ROI with AVEVA Instrumentation'AVEVA PDMS, AVEVA P&ID and the new AVEVA Instrumentation were implemented in 2009, with very good support and training provided by AVEVA's Dubai office,' Saqr Binghalib continued. 'Our engineers found the applications very easy to use. In fact, the AVEVA Instrumentation application proved so intuitive that we started to use it for real work even before the training had started! Six engineers are already trained on PDMS, and we plan to train more people soon.'Magnus Feldt Industry Marketing Manager, AVEVAAbu Dhabi, capital of the United Arab Emirates and the country's second largest city, is where BG Petrodyne Oil & Gas Contracting LLC is headquartered.28AVEVA World Magazine 2011|Issue 2AVEVA Plant increases the efficiency of revamp and modification projects

BG Petrodyne's first use of AVEVA Plant was on a revamp project for an onshore oil operating company in Abu Dhabi, where it was used for 3D modelling, importing point cloud data, clash detection and creating fabrication isometrics. The company is currently using AVEVA Plant on one onshore and one offshore project.Reaping the benefits'After only a few projects with AVEVA Plant, we have been able to shorten the schedule time,' explained Saqr Binghalib. 'Perhaps most important are the abilities to generate clash-free designs and to automatically generate fabrication information, piping isometrics, lists and reports, instrument and spool drawings, and Material Take Offs (MTOs).' BG Petrodyne found that another valuable benefit is that the system enables concurrent working between different design disciplines. Compared to the company's previous 2D system, design changes which were once very time consuming can now be made quickly and easily.'We aim to have a very high level of detail in the PDMS model, supporting smooth fabrication and installation processes, as well as making it easy for our clients to visualise the project,' continued Saqr Binghalib.'For plant revamps,' he concluded, 'we intend to use laser scanning technology more extensively to survey as-built facilities and then to use the resulting point cloud models in PDMS for easy clash detection with the new design.' About BG PetrodyneBG Petrodyne is part of the Binghalib Group of companies, which started operations in the UAE in 1981, with a vision of filling the technological vacuum in the Gulf. The group currently employs 350 people and is in the forefront of the region's oil, gas, power, water and process industries. Visit for more information about the Binghalib Group and BG Petrodyne.Saqr Binghalib, Managing Director, BG Petrodyne.AVEVA World Magazine 2011|Issue 229'The AVEVA Instrumentation application proved so intuitive that we started to use it for real work even before the training had started! Six engineers are already trained on PDMS, and we plan to train more people soon...'