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AVEVA World Magazine 2011|Issue 233The SMIL project is a cooperative project involving several NLI companies and making use of the whole of the group's broad knowledge and competence. Project management personnel are provided by NLI's engineering companies. The contract represents the largest single order ever awarded to NLI.The purpose of the SMIL project is to improve the environment around the Mongstad refinery by increasing the capacity for the removal of hydrogen sulphide (H2S) and sulphur. This involves the installation of a sulphur recovery unit, an H2S recovery unit and a sour water stripper unit. All units are to be installed and the existing facilities upgraded with only a short shut-down period for coupling the new units to the existing plant.Reuse of design'Every project is unique, but many of the components can be reused as 3D models with minor modifications, saving us considerable time and money. We have built up a library of modelled PDMS equipment. By reusing these, we can rapidly create conceptual models for new projects and give clients an early, very detailed view of their project,' concludes Jonas Fjeld Christensen.About NLI asNLI as has a long history. The group has its origin in a small mechanical workshop founded in MjĂžndalen, Norway in 1946. The company has grown significantly since then, in terms of turnover, areas of competence and number of employees. The last five years, in particular, have been marked by significant expansion and diversification, not least geographically, but also into new market areas. NLI has approximately 800 highly-qualified employees.NLI as is a complete supplier of engineering and manufacturing services, technological products and new concepts and patents. Since the company is divided into five main areas, they perform equally well on small projects with only a few disciplines involved, and on large-scale EPC contracts, whether onshore, offshore or subsea. Visit for more information. AVEVA PDMS model of the topside facility of Sevan Voyageur. Image courtesy of NLI Engineering.Corporate structure of NLI as. Image courtesy of NLI as.

AVEVA World Community UpdateSteve TongishVice President - Marketing, AVEVALaunching a new lookIf you have visited the AVEVA website recently, you will have noticed that it now sports a totally new look and feel, providing a more comprehensive overview of our products and services. Information is now organised by product, industry or operational responsibility, making it easier to find exactly what you need and helping you to easily discover related information. The site also includes some new resources specifically to serve the AVEVA World Community. Speaking many languagesAVEVA's global web presence is being concentrated on a single multilingual site. Our customers expect to do business in their own language and AVEVA supports them through our network of more than 40 local offices around the world. The new multilingual website extends this support. Languages currently include English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese and Korean, with others to follow soon.Visiting the CommunityWe encourage you to visit the new AVEVA World Community home page at This page provides a focal point for the Community with information about activities and events. It includes links to the 2011 AVEVA World Summits in Copenhagen, Singapore and Rio de Janeiro which are focused on business strategy (advertised in this issue), as well as the more technical AVEVA World User Group meetings held locally around the world. From the Community page, you can learn more about AVEVA's Product Reference Groups, which are designed to give customers the opportunity to contribute to the evaluation and development of AVEVA's products. Reference Groups are currently active across AVEVA's schematic and laser technology product lines, with others to follow soon. The Community page also contains links to AVEVA's technology forums which are currently active in English, German and Russian. The forums provide AVEVA users with an environment to ask technical questions about some of our most popular products.The new AVEVA World Community was officially announced just over a year ago and AVEVA has now launched the first phase of this initiative, with the promise of more to come. Unveiled at the AVEVA World Summits in 2010, the AVEVA World Community has been created as a common forum to address the needs and interests of AVEVA's customers. All existing AVEVA customers are eligible to join the Community, which gives them access to selected product information, technical and business events, and customer-oriented activities. 34AVEVA World Magazine 2011|Issue 2Follow the latest AVEVA news at: the latest videos from AVEVA'AVEVA World Community has been created as a common forum to address the needs and interests of AVEVA's customers...'