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AVEVA's dynamic new online presence - (top) the AVEVA corporate website homepage, (middle) an example of a local language version homepage and (bottom) the AVEVA World Community homepage.Getting involvedThe new site also includes links to social media resources, starting with a Twitter account for keeping up to date with AVEVA news and a YouTube channel containing corporate and product video content. Later this year we will also launch a new Facebook page designed specifically for AVEVA's graduate employment programme.Why not visit the AVEVA World Community home page now and register as a member? You can sign up for local eNewsletters, event announcements and AVEVA News updates. You will also have the opportunity to complete a short survey enabling you to influence how the Community might evolve. We have some great ideas for the AVEVA World Community, but it's intended to be your Community, so we need your input on where you feel it could deliver the greatest value to your business. We welcome all customers to the AVEVA World Community, and we look forward to working with you to create a valuable resource for all its members.Visit the AVEVA World Community at: World Magazine 2011|Issue 235

36AVEVA World Magazine 2011|Issue 2AVEVA MARS delivers a decade of business benefits to Dutch shipbuilder IHC MerwedeThe well-known Dutch shipbuilder, IHC Merwede, has a workforce of roughly 2,800 at different locations in the Netherlands. The company also has branch offices in China, India, the Middle East, Nigeria, Russia, Singapore, Slovakia, the UK and the USA. The company, part of the IHC Group, is focused on the continuous development of its design and construction activities in the specialised shipbuilding sector, in particular the dredging, offshore and naval industries.IHC Merwede is among the world's market leaders in the construction of specialist dredging equipment. The shipyard is also recognised as an outstanding builder of complex, custom-built vessels for offshore construction. The customers include major dredging companies, oil & gas exploration groups, offshore contractors and naval authorities.Success requires dedicated staff and technologyThrough its technological innovation, IHC Merwede is known and respected throughout the global shipbuilding industry as a leading player in the international market. The company has gained its strong position in the industry thanks to a highly dedicated and skilled staff, combined with the organisation's willingness to examine and roll out new technologies.Project Manager for Process Integration, Jaap Toonen, is clear that, in order to keep that competitive edge, you have continually to make sure that employees have the right technology and IT solutions at their disposal. He points to one particular solution - the Integrated Shipbuilding Solution from AVEVA.Jaap Toonen says, 'For a decade, Merwede has been using solutions from AVEVA. AVEVA MARS was implemented at our shipyard back in 2000, as we were in need of a system that could help us enhance our business processes and would support us in becoming an even better shipbuilder. 'Having evaluated the AVEVA MARS system, we decided to adopt it, since it was tailored for shipbuilding,' he continues.The pipelaying vessel Seven Pacific was designed and built by IHC Merwede using AVEVA technology. Photograph courtesy of IHC Merwede.