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'After nearly a decade of cooperation we do not really see AVEVA as a supplier, but more as a partner who knows very well our business processes and our way of thinking. They have a high level of customer service which is demonstrated, for example, by the fact that they have a dedicated Service and Support team who always provide quick, constructive solutions if problems should occur.'In addition to that, they have had three of their consultants stationed here with us at different times, which was a good experience for us as it provided us with competent local support. Finally, AVEVA arranges regular user conferences, which gives customers the opportunity to network and learn about various subjects that are of importance to them. We always participate in the conferences, as we learn a lot from them and AVEVA from us,' continues Jaap Toonen.Benefits obtained and future aimsHaving used the AVEVA MARS system for almost ten years, IHC Merwede is reaping the benefits of implementing a system that has been developed specifically for the shipyard industry. The shipyard understands, however, that they have to maintain the pace of technological innovation in order to guarantee a competitive edge in a fierce market.'After the implementation,' says Jaap Toonen, 'we optimised several of our main business processes, including materials management. A firm control of our material flow has helped us become a more competitive and efficient shipyard, as we have significantly reduced our manufacturing costs. We have also streamlined our IT structure, so all our systems are working well together.'We know, nevertheless, that we are only as good as our last performance, and we must always continue analysing and improving our shipyard processes. We have been continuously upgrading our AVEVA solutions when necessary, and have added even more functionality. We expect to keep on doing so, in order to maintain our strong position in the global shipbuilding market,' concludes Jaap Toonen.For more information about IHC Merwede, visit World Magazine 2011|Issue 2The suction dredger Gateway was designed and built using AVEVA technology. Photograph courtesy of IHC Merwede.The pipelaying vessels Seven Pacific and Seven Oceans were designed and built using AVEVA technology. Photographs courtesy of IHC Merwede.

JOINED UP THINKINGwww.avevaworld.comEuropeCopenhagen17-19 October 2011AmericasRio de Janeiro25-27 October 2011Asia PacificSingapore8-10 November 2011Joined up thinking is our theme for the AVEVA World Summits 2011 and is fundamental to the innovation that drives AVEVA. It captures our collective ambition to create safer, more efficient projects and operations. AVEVA recognises the increasingly complex challenges faced by the engineering community and it is our mission to provide strategies, technology and services that join up this diverse flow of information to deliver success across your entire business. The Summit agenda provides a unique opportunity for delegates from different engineering industries and disciplines to tap into the collective knowledge of experienced management, technology professionals and global leaders from the Plant and Marine industries.To hear how you can benefit from Joined up thinking, register now at