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Joined up thinkingThe creation and management of digital assets demands a million decisions, big and small. Complex plant and marine environments combine engineering design, planning, construction, operation and maintenance. Success requires global collaboration to join up the detail and give you the big picture. Long-term relationships mean that AVEVA is trusted to continually deliver new technology and services. AVEVA customers gain strategic business value across the entire lifecycle of their projects and assets, improving information quality and reducing operational risk, while saving time and cost.With a global sales and service network in more than 40 countries, AVEVA is a leader in engineering design and information management solutions for the plant, power and marine industries.Choosing AVEVA will be one of the best decisions you ever

The rise and rise of Integrated Engineering and DesignPlant projects involve huge amounts of data, across all the plant disciplines. This data evolves during a lengthy workflow that requires the participation of many parties. To succeed, AVEVA's customers need nothing less than excellent tools for generating, coordinating and managing this complex data flow.The benefits of the 3D technology used in this process are now very widely appreciated. The ability to comprehensively visualise and model complex engineering builds, and to understand the impact of design changes, both in the design and construction phase, and in the operational phase, is a strong value proposition. But what about the applications that sit outside the 3D process? How important is it that they are integrated effectively into the very complicated overall 'mix'?AVEVA supports true integration. This is not the optional use of a complex foundation layer to provide limited communication between disparate design and engineering applications. Instead, with AVEVA, integration is fully inbuilt; the Engineer and Design products are all powered by the same resources.Integrated Engineering and Design: its benefitsThe AVEVA approach is founded on the belief that true integration needs engineering and design applications that work together and can share and reference data online during the design process itself, both between themselves and with other products and in-house systems. This additional value proposition, which AVEVA calls 'Integrated Engineering and Design', is critical to the solutions' ability to address real-world needs. For instance, the designer who is developing a schematic may also need information at his fingertips from outside his immediate discipline, such as the 3D model, piping specifications, and so forth, with clear distinction between issued and work-in-progress status. If all of this information is contained in separate silos and cannot easily be shared, it takes a great deal of work to make use of it, and duplication of both effort and the data itself will inevitably occur. Likewise, if immature information is used inappropriately, error will surely result.08AVEVA World Magazine 2011|Issue 2