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The ÅF Group is an international consulting company, with expertise drawn from more than a century of experience. Working within a number of sectors, including paper, chemical, energy, petrochemical and pharmaceuticals, the company has a wide and varied international customer base and has participated in multinational projects all over the world. They specialise in technical design and consulting services ranging from single-discipline engineering projects to complete turnkey projects including construction, commissioning, start-up and operational support.At their head office in Stockholm we met Per Högberg, CAD Coordinator, and Peter Wickman, Project Engineer, Engineering Division, in order to find out about the use of AVEVA Plant solutions at ÅF. They explained that ÅF has been using AVEVA Plant solutions, including AVEVA PDMS and AVEVA Global, for more than ten years as their engineering tool for energy projects worldwide. Today, PDMS is their standard choice for 3D plant engineering in large- and medium-sized design projects. ÅF has made major cost and time savings using PDMS for 3D design since it was first deployed in 2000. PDMS makes it possible for them to handle geographically distributed work, enabling concurrent working between different design disciplines, generating clash-free designs, and providing the ability to manage large quantities of data. PDMS is used right from the start of a project, including conceptual, basic and detailed design. This starts with the creation of the first layout of a plant, then continues through all design stages including the piping, equipment, electrical and ducting disciplines. All kinds of fabrication and construction drawings, such as piping isometrics and arrangement drawings, together with Material Take Offs (MTOs) for all disciplines, are generated directly from the PDMS model.PDMS is being used by ÅF's engineering teams in Spain, Finland, the Czech Republic and Sweden. In many of these projects, engineers from several of ÅF's offices work together, in addition to sharing work with third-party companies. AVEVA Global, AVEVA's solution for multi-site concurrent working, enables ÅF's offices to work concurrently on the same model allowing ÅF to share work dynamically across their engineering sites. In this way, they can make the fullest use of ÅF's design expertise and engineering knowledge wherever it exists and whenever it is needed, giving their customers the best results in terms of both cost and quality.ÅF Group powers the worldAVEVA Plant helps to secure a safe and environmentally friendly energy supplyMagnus FeldtEditor, AVEVA World MagazineFrom left, Per Högberg, CAD Coordinator, and Peter Wickman, Project Engineer, Engineering Division, ÅF AB. From left, Michal Kovarik, Managing Director, and Ondrej Hasek, Technical Director, AF-Engineering. Photograph courtesy of AF-Engineering.AVEVA World Magazine 2012|Issue 111

Environmentally sustainable energy projectsÅF has extensive expertise in all types of power generation: renewable, thermal, nuclear and hydro, and in combined heat and power (CHP), as well as in transmission and distribution. The company is currently performing projects in around 30 countries, and is involved in a variety of sustainable energy projects that reduce emissions of greenhouse gases and other pollutants, and strengthen efforts to secure a safe and environmentally friendly energy supply.One particularly interesting current project using AVEVA Plant is the new biofuel-fired plant for Bomhus Energi in Gävle, Sweden. ÅF has been appointed lead technical consultant for the investment in a new block heat power plant on the Korsnäs industrial site in Gävle, next to the company's pulp and paper mill. This ÅF assignment is a multi-disciplinary engineering, procurement, construction and management (EPCM) project, covering all areas of technology relating to the investment, including project management, conceptual design, basic design, detailed design, fabrication and start-up.The investment comprises a 150 MW biofuel-fired plant including the designated fuel system and a 90 MW steam turbine. The plant will be in operation in early 2013, supplying steam and electrical power for the pulp and paper mill, and district heating to more than 5,000 households.PDMS is being used at the fabrication site, too. With the help of AVEVA Global, the engineers in Norrköping and Karlstad and those at the fabrication site are all working on the same plant model. Initially, there was no digital model of the brownfield pulp and paper mill. To avoid clashes, existing buildings and pipe racks close to the new power plant were laser scanned and converted into the new 3D PDMS plant model. The new boiler was designed by Metso in Finland, who also delivered a 3D PDMS model of the boiler, which was easily imported into the plant model.ÅF expands in central EuropeIn line with its long-term corporate strategy, ÅF continues to expand in central Europe, especially in the Czech Republic. AF-Engineering was established in 2004. In 2010, ÅF acquired the energy consulting company, Meacont and, in October 2011, the consulting company, CityPlan. ÅF now has more than 200 employees in the Czech Republic, with main offices in Prague, Plzen and Brno.Michal Kovarik, AF-Engineering's Managing Director, explained to us that, for several years, they have been using AVEVA Plant solutions in a great variety of greenfield and brownfield projects for the energy, pharmaceutical and chemical industries. PDMS has been used in some well-known projects, such as the Olkiluoto 5 nuclear power plant in Finland, where AF-Engineering created part of an auxiliary building for Areva.AF-Engineering also had complete responsibility for the design of the machinery building for the retrofit of the 30-year-old brown-coal power plant in Tusimice in the Czech Republic. Here, AF-Engineering created the complete basic and detailed design, and produced the assembly and as-built documentation.12AVEVA World Magazine 2012|Issue 1AVEVA PDMS model of Fortum Klaipeda CHP waste-to-power plant in Lithuania. Image courtesy of AF-Engineering.AVEVA PDMS model of Fortum Klaipeda CHP waste-to-power plant