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04AVEVA World Magazine 2012|Issue 1How AVEVA Plant supports one of the Middle East's most successful oil & gas companiesPetrofac is not only one of AVEVA's longest-standing customers in the Middle East - as a FTSE 100 listed company it is also one of the region's most successful oil & gas engineering businesses. We recently met Stephen Major, vice president, engineering and took the opportunity to find out how AVEVA technology has contributed to the company's success.Naji AtallahRegional Manager Middle East, AVEVAKelvin DavisMarketing Communications Manager, AVEVAKeeping AheadHistoryPetrofac first adopted AVEVA PDMS in 2000, together with AVEVA Review, at its Sharjah operational centre, principally in response to a customer requirement. This first deployment proved successful and it was later rolled out across its other design centres. PDMS was followed, two years later, by AVEVA VPRM. More recently, AVEVA Clash Manager and AVEVA P&ID were added. Today, the AVEVA deployment supports the piping, civil, electrical and instrumentation, telecommunications and process disciplines on a wide variety of projects, including processing plants, oil pumping and gas compression stations, and pipelines.AVEVA in useTo a large extent, the oil & gas industry is almost a seamless PDMS environment, so it came as no great surprise to learn that Petrofac frequently delivers its work as native PDMS models, even to the extent of delivering models and AVEVA Review files direct to the field engineering team, as well as to the customer.Major explained, 'Our customers usually want an updated as-built version of the PDMS model from which they can generate their own deliverables to support their longer-term asset management task. Petrofac's expertise in PDMS helps to meet these customer expectations.'Together, PDMS and AVEVA P&ID form a good platform for Petrofac's projects. Major explained that the AVEVA deployment has enabled the company to develop a number of customisations and in-house applications helping them progressively to integrate with various business processes. 'We appreciate the openness and ease of configuring and extending the AVEVA system, especially as we have been able to do so with some help from the excellent AVEVA support team in Dubai. We now have a better flow of data between PDMS, our own applications and various third-party solutions, which goes a long way towards maintaining our competitive strength in a demanding market.'The Kauther Gas plant in north Oman was designed and built by Petrofac for Petroleum Development Oman using AVEVA Plant. The project involved the engineering, procurement, construction, commissioning and initial operation of a 20 million standard cubic metres processing facility. Photograph courtesy of Petrofac.

AVEVA World Magazine 2012|Issue 105Advantage with AVEVAThe EPC work process holds the biggest challenge of delivering correct material on time. By configuring AVEVA P&ID software to suit Petrofac's EPC work processes, the company is able to generate Material Take Offs (MTOs) for most piping components from P&ID, such as valves, flanges, spectacle blinds, tees, reducers and gaskets, ahead of the completion of 3D modelling. Another challenge in Petrofac has been that of change management of heat tracing design, and especially its handling at the vendor interface. With the help of the PDMS Extract DB tool, the heat tracing design process was synchronised to handle changes in piping isometrics. The graphical interface and the data handling features of PDMS enabled Petrofac to improve on the heat tracing design work process. Looking aheadPetrofac is currently evaluating other AVEVA products to extend its capabilities. It recently completed a pilot project with AVEVA NET and is evaluating the results with a view to implementing it. The company has also piloted AVEVA Cable Design and plans to deploy this on a project. 'However,' Major explained, 'as with any software deployment, there are challenges; but we are able to resolve these to a large extent with support from the AVEVA team, through the software enhancements requested by us.'About PetrofacPetrofac is a leading international provider of facilities solutions to the oil & gas production and processing industry, with a diverse customer portfolio including many of the world's leading integrated, independent and national oil & gas companies. The group delivers services through two divisions: Engineering, Construction, Operations & Maintenance (ECOM - comprising Onshore Engineering & Construction, Offshore Projects & Operations and Engineering & Consulting Services) and Integrated Energy Services (IES). Through these divisions Petrofac designs and builds oil & gas facilities; operates, maintains and manages facilities and trains personnel; enhances production; and, where it can leverage its service capability, develops and co-invests in upstream and infrastructure projects. Petrofac's range of services meets its customers' needs across the full lifecycle of oil & gas assets.With more than 15,000 employees, Petrofac operates out of six strategically located operational centres, in Aberdeen, Sharjah, Woking, Chennai, Mumbai and Abu Dhabi, and a further 21 offices worldwide. The predominant focus of Petrofac's business is on the UK Continental Shelf (UKCS), the Middle East and Africa, the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) and the Asia Pacific region.Visit for more information.AVEVA PDMS model of a plant recently constructed by Petrofac. Images courtesy of Petrofac. 'The AVEVA deployment has enabled the company to develop a number of customisations and in-house applications helping them progressively to integrate with various business processes...'Stephen Major, Vice President, Engineering, Petrofac. Photograph courtesy of Petrofac.