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AVEVA Unveils New Vision to Define the Future of Plant Design Software10AVEVA World Magazine 2012|Issue 2Our customers are facing different challenges to those they faced just five years ago. Power and process industries around the world are undergoing a period of intense evolution. The scale of the challenge is evident, particularly in the energy sector. The International Energy Agency (IEA) has estimated that a $38 trillion investment will be required to create and modernise the world's energy system infrastructure, in order to meet projected energy demand through to 2035. Chemical, pharmaceutical and mining industries also face new infrastructure investment demands.To meet these demands, Owner Operators are moving into new geographies in more remote, more hostile and higher-risk locations such as the Arctic or deep-water environments. Plant lifetime extension projects are also increasing as operators see opportunities to maximise the output from existing assets.For the Engineering Procurement & Construction (EPC) company this means the creation and management of more complex process and power assets which, in turn, places more pressure on the speed and quality of project execution in order to maintain competitiveness. The ability to orchestrate engineering skills, minimise costs and streamline management decisions to respond faster to evolving market conditions has never been greater. This changing environment places new demands on the processes involved in capital projects and the supporting technologies that contribute to their success, such as plant design software.'...a new product for plant design that will support new and improved ways of working, and facilitate faster project deployment, as well as embracing mobile computing to provide even greater control and visibility to stakeholders across the design chain...'Dave Wheeldon, CTO, AVEVA introduces AVEVA's 'The Future of Plant Design' project at ACHEMA 2012 in Frankfurt.

AVEVA World Magazine 2012|Issue 211To meet the needs of this changing market, AVEVA announced details of its project to create a new product for plant design that will support new and improved ways of working, and facilitate faster project deployment, as well as embracing mobile computing to provide even greater control and visibility to stakeholders across the design chain. 'Energy, chemical and mining markets are undergoing unprecedented market change, bringing new opportunities and fresh challenges,' said Dave Wheeldon, CTO, AVEVA, at ACHEMA in Frankfurt am Main in Germany. 'The need to orchestrate engineering skills and management processes to respond faster to changing market conditions has never been greater. With more stringent control over compliance, and requirements emerging from the new generation of engineers, AVEVA is planning for the future.'We are addressing "The Future of Plant Design" by outlining how plant design systems need to be instrumental in helping the power and process industries meet these needs, supporting their new-build projects and making fullest use of their investment in a digital asset for through-life modifications. As we look to the future, we believe that plant design software will play a vital role in delivering new levels of design efficiency, collaboration and compliance management to drive competitiveness and sustainability.'AVEVA revealed that the project to set new levels of performance for plant design has already involved hundreds of its engineering specialists acting on requirements captured from its customers and from industry. The new product will be showcased at the AVEVA World Summit in October, followed by first release in December 2012.The technical vision for this new product is that it will provide: z A 3D modelling capability which provides 'real-world' representation quality by combining the best 3D graphics with laser scanning point cloudsz A 2D drawing capability, fully automated and integrated with the 3D modelz Full interoperability with other design systems in the design processz An architecture that can support project reuse and modular designz Integration with laser scanning point clouds for dimensional control in construction.To be the first to receive updates about this exciting new project, please subscribe to the weekly newsletter on: Alternatively, please contact AVEVA on or +44 1223 556655 for more information.AVEVA recognises the vast amount of intellectual property and investment that our customers have put into their PDMS models. In line with our commitment to Continual Progression we will be creating this new level of plant design in such a way that it is interoperable with our existing PDMS