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12AVEVA World Magazine 2012|Issue 2Bigger and more complex projects are the key to Pöyry's growthAVEVA Plant enables global project executionMagnus FeldtEditor, AVEVA World MagazineAs industries consolidate and become increasingly global in scope, so engineering contractors need critical mass in order to compete for ever larger and more complex projects. This is clearly illustrated by the example of Pöyry, a leading technical consulting and engineering company, serving industry, energy and the urban sector.Pöyry has maintained its competitive strength through a clear focus on efficient working methods and a global business structure, all underpinned by AVEVA technology. To learn more about Pöyry and its expansion plans, AVEVA visited Pöyry's head office in Vantaa, just outside Helsinki, in Finland. Here we met Andreas Palmlund, Senior Vice President and Head of Pöyry's Global Engineering Centres, Jani Peltopuro, Development Manager, Design Technologies, and Timo Syrjänen, Vice President, Design Technologies. All three belong to Pöyry's Global Engineering Centres, so we first asked them to explain the nature of these centres and the role that AVEVA PDMS plays in their projects.MWV Rigesa is expanding its Três Barras mill in Brazil. The expansion project involves the installation of a new, state-of-the-art paperboard machine, doubling the mill's existing capacity.

AVEVA World Magazine 2012|Issue 213'We selected AVEVA PDMS as our preferred tool for 3D engineering design due to its ability to support global work sharing and AVEVA's ability to support us in our offices around the world. This enables Pöyry to work with the most advanced 3D technology and deliver "right-first-time" design...'Global reach, local strengthTo strengthen capabilities and processes to develop and execute larger projects, Pöyry has recently reorganised by concentrating its detail engineering resources into its three Global Engineering Centres in China, Poland and Thailand. These serve the whole group and provide the capability to execute large, global projects. Smaller projects are performed by Pöyry's local offices. This combination of global and local resources enables competitive tendering and delivery of the widest possible range of projects. With a combination of high-speed communications, robust working methods and effective management, the physical location of individual offices becomes less important, as they can readily form a virtual global office offering a very cost-effective solution.Equally important is a standardised, uniform project set-up process. This enables, not only rapid start-up of new projects, but also more efficient and extensive reuse and management of standard data across projects. The result is efficient sharing of engineering resources between the centres which, in turn, enables Pöyry to achieve shorter schedules and consistent high quality.The AVEVA PDMS advantageThis efficient business structure exploits the capabilities of AVEVA Plant. Pöyry had started to use 3D engineering tools in the early 1980s, but first employed PDMS in 2001, on a pulp and paper project for Metso. Since then, its use of PDMS has grown considerably and, in 2004, AVEVA Global was used in a project for the first time. Today, the company uses PDMS and Global as its preferred solution for 3D engineering design and collaborative, global work sharing.Pöyry uses PDMS right from the proposal stage of a project, through execution, to delivery of the final 3D model to the client to support on-site construction. 3D visualisation greatly facilitates design communication with the client. Finally, when a plant is being commissioned, the Owner Operator receives the complete 3D PDMS plant model to support its asset lifecycle management.Striking the balanceStandardising on a particular design system brings many efficiency benefits, but an engineering contracting company must satisfy itself that its preferred solution balances efficiency against the flexibility to meet the needs of a diverse customer base. To achieve this, Pöyry performed a comprehensive benchmark programme to determine which engineering system best fulfilled its needs. AVEVA's solution outperformed its competitors, both in technical performance and in the extent to which it was already widely used among Pöyry's customers. As a result, PDMS is Pöyry's preferred choice for 3D plant engineering. Whenever client demand allows, the company is phasing out the use of other 3D CAD applications in favour of PDMS.Below, from left: Jani Peltopuro, Development Manager, Design Technologies; Timo Syrjänen, Vice President, Design Technologies; Andreas Palmlund, Senior Vice President and Head of Pöyry's Global Engineering Centres. Photograph courtesy of Pö