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AVEVA World Magazine 2012|Issue 215About PöyryFounded in 1958, Pöyry is a global consulting and engineering company, based in Vantaa, Finland. It has grown organically and through strategic mergers and is, today, a public company, employing 7,000 people in over 50 offices across the world.With a diverse customer base in the energy, industry, transportation, water, environment and real estate sectors, Pöyry's services encompass the entire asset lifecycle, from feasibility studies and pre-engineering, through complete implementation of projects, to operations and maintenance services. It is the world's leading design engineer to the pulp and paper industry and has executed projects in over 100 countries. It is committed to continual technological development, actively developing its own tools and work processes, as well as working with software partners like AVEVA, and academic and research institutes.Visit for more information.FinlandPaperboard mill expansion in BrazilBrazil's rapid economic growth is increasing demand across many sectors, including high-quality packaging. To meet this demand, MWV Rigesa is expanding its Três Barras mill. Pöyry secured Open Book EPC contracts for the Balance of Plant (BOP) together with associated EPCM services, and overall project management support to the client.The expansion project involves the installation of a new, state-of-the-art paperboard machine, doubling the mill's existing capacity. The new machine will produce 300,000 tons per year of kraft linerboard for use in the company's packaging operations throughout Brazil.On target for completion this summer, the project embodies the most advanced technology to meet stringent environmental criteria. For example, the water management system will reduce water consumption per ton of paper by 65%.For Pöyry, PDMS has played a key role in the successful execution of the project. In the initial concept stage it proved invaluable for clarifying project scope and the degree of intervention required in the existing mill, as well as supporting concept reviews for project approval. The 3D model was made available to equipment suppliers, enabling them to tender with confidence and ensure that their equipment would meet installation requirements. Throughout, the use of 3D has enabled efficient and thorough design reviews, and clear communication with the construction team, and 3D is now serving as a powerful aid to staff training, operations planning and commissioning, to enable early achievement of full production.'AVEVA's solution outperformed its competitors, both in technical performance and in the extent to which it was already widely used among Pöyry's customers. As a result, PDMS is Pöyry's preferred choice for 3D plant engineering...'MWV Rigesa is expanding its Três Barras mill in Brazil. The expansion project involves the installation of a new, state-of-the-art paperboard machine, doubling the mill's existing capacity. Photograph courtesy of Pöyry.In this early concept design picture of the Três Barras mill plant, the green colour represents the new paper mill and the blue colour represents the increased capacity in the existing process areas. This picture is generated using data extracted from AVEVA PDMS. Image courtesy of Pöyry.AVEVA PDMS model of the white water system. Image courtesy of Pöyry.AVEVA PDMS model of the cooling tower system and related piping and equipment. Image courtesy of Pö

Announcing AVEVA Enterprise Resource ManagementAVEVA's latest integrated Plant and Marine solution improves performance in materials management, construction and productionRegular readers of this magazine will know that one of the principal elements in AVEVA's business strategy is integration, not only of information itself, but also of the tools for manipulating and managing it. Perhaps the most conspicuous example of this has been the creation of AVEVA Marine, our biggest single development project, which has integrated the world's leading solutions for shipbuilding and plant design. This created a true technology multiplier, bringing to each industry powerful tools from the other.AVEVA Marine and AVEVA Plant address practical needs in engineering and design. Now AVEVA has completed the first stage of an exciting integration programme to create a similarly powerful technology multiplier in the fields of project and resource management. The result is AVEVA Enterprise Resource Management.This new solution comes with an unrivalled pedigree. Like AVEVA Marine, it began life following a technology acquisition when, in 2010, AVEVA acquired MARS, the leading Enterprise Resource Management (ERM) solution for the shipbuilding industry. Meanwhile, in the plant industry, AVEVA VPRM has long been a proven, best-in-class solution. Together, these two provide complementary features and functions from which we have created the most powerful and comprehensive ERM solution available to the world's capital engineering industries. AVEVA's 45th anniversary seems a particularly auspicious time for the first release of AVEVA Enterprise Resource Management.'AVEVA Enterprise Resource Management will be as game changing for the planning, materials and construction disciplines in our shipyard and EPC customers as 3D was for the design disciplines back in the late 1980s...'16AVEVA World Magazine 2012|Issue 2Danielle PageMarketing Specialist, AVEVA