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Announcing AVEVA Enterprise Resource ManagementAVEVA's latest integrated Plant and Marine solution improves performance in materials management, construction and productionRegular readers of this magazine will know that one of the principal elements in AVEVA's business strategy is integration, not only of information itself, but also of the tools for manipulating and managing it. Perhaps the most conspicuous example of this has been the creation of AVEVA Marine, our biggest single development project, which has integrated the world's leading solutions for shipbuilding and plant design. This created a true technology multiplier, bringing to each industry powerful tools from the other.AVEVA Marine and AVEVA Plant address practical needs in engineering and design. Now AVEVA has completed the first stage of an exciting integration programme to create a similarly powerful technology multiplier in the fields of project and resource management. The result is AVEVA Enterprise Resource Management.This new solution comes with an unrivalled pedigree. Like AVEVA Marine, it began life following a technology acquisition when, in 2010, AVEVA acquired MARS, the leading Enterprise Resource Management (ERM) solution for the shipbuilding industry. Meanwhile, in the plant industry, AVEVA VPRM has long been a proven, best-in-class solution. Together, these two provide complementary features and functions from which we have created the most powerful and comprehensive ERM solution available to the world's capital engineering industries. AVEVA's 45th anniversary seems a particularly auspicious time for the first release of AVEVA Enterprise Resource Management.'AVEVA Enterprise Resource Management will be as game changing for the planning, materials and construction disciplines in our shipyard and EPC customers as 3D was for the design disciplines back in the late 1980s...'16AVEVA World Magazine 2012|Issue 2Danielle PageMarketing Specialist, AVEVA

COO Derek Middlemas, said, 'AVEVA Enterprise Resource Management will be as game changing for the planning, materials and construction disciplines in our shipyard and EPC customers as 3D was for the design disciplines back in the late 1980s. It is the only fully integrated suite for planning, material management and construction workface planning. With its tight integration with AVEVA Marine and AVEVA Plant, and when supplemented with AVEVA NET as a project cockpit for construction management, we will see significant advances in productivity and quality in the build phase of major capital projects. In acquiring MARS, our vision was to create a comprehensive solution for material, production and construction management, deeply integrated with engineering. This is now coming to fruition.'Work to date has focused on building a foundation for the long-term development of the solution. Part of this has included a brand-new user interface; the adoption of the Microsoft Fluent UI and positive feedback about other AVEVA product interfaces has enabled the development team to create a more intuitive and familiar look and feel. AVEVA Enterprise Resource Management combines an expanding range of plant-specific capabilities, such as a new module to manage catalogues and specifications, with extensive generic and marine-specific capabilities. Customers can migrate from AVEVA MARS with minimal disruption, while continuing to use existing data. Experienced users will find all the familiar features and functions simpler to use, while new staff will find it easier and quicker to learn the system. For AVEVA VPRM customers, reference data, vendor databases and material catalogues can be migrated and, as current projects run their course, customers will easily be able to start new projects using AVEVA Enterprise Resource Management. As the name implies, AVEVA Enterprise Resource Management supports the principal resource functions of planning, materials management and production/construction. A modular solution, each of these areas is served by a dedicated application with extensive capabilities but, importantly, integrating seamlessly so that information can be shared across the functions. AVEVA PlanningThe planning application provides the essential closed-loop control between planned and achieved progress, balancing plans, material and resources, even across multiple projects. Planners can make informed decisions and act on the basis of up-to-date information, responding effectively to changing circumstances. In turn, this enables effective management of resources and the efficient development of accurate work packages, promoting maximum schedule adherence and minimum rework in construction.A particularly powerful feature is AVEVA Planning's support for hierarchical, top-down scheduling. This enables the distribution of detailed schedules right down to shop-floor level, while retaining control of the overall plan. AVEVA Planning can also integrate with widely used third-party planning solutions, providing the management and reporting of lower level tasks and activities at the workface.AVEVA MaterialAVEVA Material provides easy access to accurate material information at every stage of a project, from planning through to outfitting, commissioning and delivery. AVEVA World Magazine 2012|Issue 217Right: Intuitive tools and interfaces enable efficient top-down planning, from initial estimation down to detailed operational control in a seamless, integrated,