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AVEVA World Magazine 2012|Issue 219Leading the wayAs always, AVEVA's development strategy with this new solution has been to proceed cautiously, consolidating progress at every stage and working with selected customers to ensure that the products fulfil practical business needs and can be validated on representative project data. The result has proved highly successful, with lead customers in the plant and marine industries enthusiastic about this initial release and about the longer-term programme for further integration and expansion of AVEVA Enterprise Resource Management.'The solutions and technology offered meet our needs and those of our customers,' said Lukas Mensinck, Head of IT at leading shipyard, Nobiskrug. 'We get many benefits, including more efficient, integrated working processes and improved data quality, availability and visibility. This results in our achieving an accurate and efficient project, delivering the right information, material and resources to reduce risk, time and cost.'AVEVA's plant industry customers can look forward to achieving similar gains in project performance, as continuing product development includes tight integration with AVEVA PDMS. The result will be a solution which can be applied seamlessly over any type of capital project, whether plant, marine, or an integration of the two.ConfidenceLars Riisberg, VP, ERM Centre of Excellence, is excited about the future of these products. 'With a substantial customer base for both AVEVA MARS and AVEVA VPRM all eager for more productivity and easier integration, both of their own business processes and with collaboration partners, AVEVA is confident that AVEVA Enterprise Resource Management will deliver outstanding business value. Like all our products, it is a business enabler. We look forward to making future announcements as development progresses, and particularly to bringing you news of customers' success with it.'Q: I'm a MARS/VPRM customer - what does this mean for me?A: Your investments in AVEVA MARS and AVEVA VPRM are safe. We recognise that, for many, your projects will run continuously for a number of years. Therefore, for a period of three years, we will continue to provide standard support, including fix releases, and we are prepared to extend this support on special agreement for an additional three years. However, there will be no more major releases under these product names, as we are confident that when you see AVEVA Enterprise Resource Management (AVEVA ERM) you will be keen to use it for your new projects. AVEVA will offer individual workshops in order to develop the best migration strategy for you, considering your current implementation and your business processes. The right time for migration will vary from customer to customer. If you'd like to discuss the support and migration plan for your organisation in more detail, please contact your local sales person. Q: I was considering investing in MARS - should I buy AVEVA ERM instead?A: This really depends on what kind of shipyard you are. We recommend that our larger shipyard customers continue using AVEVA MARS until version 10.2 is released later this year. However, if you are not planning to implement a new resource management solution before 2013, or if you run a smaller operation, then we strongly suggest you consider AVEVA ERM. Our sales teams will be happy to discuss the benefits of either scenario with you. Q: I was looking to buy VPRM - should I wait for AVEVA ERM?A: Not necessarily. The majority of plant capabilities will not be available in AVEVA ERM until releases 10.2 or 10.3, currently scheduled for late 2013. However, we recognise that, for our Plant customers, it will be the implementation of individual products that will be of most use. So, if you are only looking for assistance in the engineering phase, for example, AVEVA Catalogue and Specification and AVEVA Material will offer considerable advantages by version 10.2. Please do make contact and discuss your options with our sales team, but be assured that, if you choose to purchase AVEVA VPRM instead, you will still be buying a world-class solution for your organisation that we will continue to support for a number of years.Q: I am using AVEVA Marine or AVEVA Plant, will it integrate with AVEVA ERM?A: Yes. We showcased the first stages of this integration at the 2011 AVEVA World Summits and will be demonstrating further enhancements at this year's event. For more information about the AVEVA Enterprise Resource Management solution please contact your local sales representative, or visit: Enterprise Resource Management's user-friendly interface provides clear visibility of component

Sheringham Shoal Offshore Wind Farm substation delivery by Wood Group PSNMatt WrenMarketing Coordinator, AVEVA20AVEVA World Magazine 2012|Issue 2One of the two 900-tonne Sheringham Shoal offshore wind farm substations designed by Wood Group PSN. Image courtesy of CHPV & Statkraft.Images above, from left to right: AVEVA PDMS model of one of the offshore substations; a substation under construction; the two substations being transported prior to installation. Images courtesy of Wood Group PSN.