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INSIDETHIS?EDITION Corporate NewsWelcome 3Cover Story: AVEVA acquires bocad 4 AVEVA - The First 45 Years 22An interview with Philip Aiken 24AVEVA World Summit 2012 31Keeping software healthy 35AVEVA World Italy 42Product NewsThe Future of Plant Design Software 10Announcing AVEVA Enterprise Resource Management 16Making connections in electrical engineering and design 36Customer News RusGazEngineering 6AVEVA Plant enables global project execution at Pöyry 12Wood Group PSN delivers offshore wind farm substations 20AVEVA MARS at Guangxin Shipbuilding & Heavy Industry 27Minera MILPO expands in Peru 32Energetic India: Desein Indure 40Cover photograph: The museum, Le Musée des Confluences in Lyon, France, was designed and is being constructed using structural design software from bocad. Courtesy of SMB Constructions Métalliques.Statements and opinions expressed in AVEVA World Magazine do not necessarily reflect the views of AVEVA. Brands and product names mentioned may be trademarks and/or protected by copyrights of their respective owners. No part of this publication may be reproduced by any means without permission in writing from AVEVA. All stated facts are believed correct at time of going to press.AVEVA believes the information in this publication is correct as of its publication date. As part of continued product development, such information is subject to change without prior notice and is related to the current software release. AVEVA is not responsible for any inadvertent errors. All product names mentioned are the trademarks of their respective holders.Copyright 2012 AVEVA?Solutions Limited and its subsidiaries. All rights reserved.Editor - Magnus Feldt, Industry Marketing Manager, AVEVA02AVEVA World Magazine 2012|Issue

AVEVA World Magazine 2012|Issue 20345 years of continuous growthWhen I sat down to write this introduction I looked back at the previous issue of AVEVA World Magazine. It may only have been six months ago but already that seems like the distant past, so fast have been our recent technology advances.But six months is no time at all compared to the 45 years of continuous growth that the company celebrated this summer. 45 years! That's twice the age of some of our younger colleagues, for whom the IT revolution of the 1960s must seem like prehistory. We no longer have any colleagues who were with us from the very start in 1967, but many have been here for most of AVEVA's extraordinary history; a depth of experience that few companies in this industry can match.Meanwhile, AVEVA customers also continue to succeed and grow, particularly in the BRIC countries, which are industrialising at an exhilarating rate. It is pleasing to see our software being used to transform low-tech mining and minerals production into sophisticated, large-scale operations to meet growing world demand. As a result, we have established a Centre of Excellence in Mining and Minerals to support our growing customer community in Latin America. Russia, too, is rapidly regaining its true industrial capability and we hope to bring you many more impressive customer success stories from this region.In June we held some modest anniversary celebrations in our offices around the world. I was, however, astonished to learn from a director of one of our most prestigious customers that this year they are actually celebrating 25 years of working with AVEVA. To me, this endorses one of the principal reasons for AVEVA's continuing success: we truly are regarded as a partner by our customers. But of course, businesses don't build partnerships, people do. This magazine regularly describes outstanding results achieved by our colleagues working closely with our customers.The other reason for AVEVA's success is our continual delivery of ever more powerful technologies that provide significant business value to our customers. In the last issue we described how a careful balance between in-house development and selected technology acquisitions has expanded our offerings in 3D laser scanning solutions; now we have acquired the leading solution in structural engineering and look forward to bringing you future news of how this technology will progressively expand the scope of AVEVA Plant and AVEVA Marine. A similar combination of acquisition, product development and working closely with customers has also created the brand-new AVEVA Electrical, which has exceeded sales expectations from the day it was released. On the information engineering front, our technologists have been equally busy laying the foundations of what is rapidly becoming the most powerful solution for Enterprise Resource Management. We have already combined the best engineering and design technologies in the plant and marine sectors. Now we are doing the same for resource management technologies.But in all this fast-paced development we haven't overlooked our core strength in 3D plant design. Our next-generation solution is now well advanced and you can gain an idea of its potential in this issue.Just reading these articles leaves me out of breath; I hope you too will share my excitement.Richard LongdonChief ExecutiveAVEVA Group plc'This endorses one of the principal reasons for AVEVA's continuing success: we truly are regarded as a partner by our customers...'