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38AVEVA World Magazine 2012|Issue 2The Wiring Manager module handles the creation and connection of cables. It enables a user to create cable schedules, and handles drumming and Bill of Materials outputs. It shares AVEVA Instrumentation's intuitive drag-and-drop interface, a unique feature in this class of application.Finally, the Designer module enables the efficient production of deliverables such as schematic drawings and Single Line Diagrams direct from the database, ensuring accuracy and completeness of information.AVEVA Electrical is not only a powerful stand-alone product, its value increases significantly when integrated with AVEVA Instrumentation, or with AVEVA's other plant and marine solutions. For example, it integrates with the cable routing functions in AVEVA PDMS and AVEVA Outfitting. This alone is estimated to cut around 30% off the man-hours required for cable installation design. Cable routing is just one of AVEVA Electrical's interoperability features. Built on .NET technology, it meets practical needs in the real world of multi-vendor, multi-site, multi-user installations. It can integrate effectively with CAD systems, document management, materials management, office applications, and so on. It can integrate with AVEVA Instrumentation, providing a seamless environment for two closely related disciplines which, until now, have been separated by incompatible software tools. Now each specialist can see the other's information, making it easy to integrate electrical power with instrumentation and control. Forgotten cables, or too few power terminals for instrumentation equipment, can now be a thing of the past. Perhaps more importantly, this business- and safety-critical engineering information is brought under robust control in an integrated system which meets the needs of both the engineering contractor and the asset operator.At last, E&I professionals are getting the design tools they really need.Information about AVEVA Electrical can be found at AVEVA Electrical Engineer Module - Automatic creation of KOL and SLD diagrams.Below: AVEVA Electrical Designer Module - Automatic production of deliverables.

www.aveva.comAVEVA design, engineering and enterprise software Building ReputationsOwner Operators, engineering contractors and shipbuilders the world over trust AVEVA to create and operate the most complex engineering assets.We empower our customers to make thousands of accurate design, engineering and business decisions every day, across the entire project and asset lifecycle. You too can benefit from improved productivity, minimised risk and reduced costs, resulting in maximised ROI.The leader in design, engineering, and information management software for the process plant, power and marine industries, AVEVA invests in our customers' success through a global sales and support network in more than 40 countries. AVEVA - building solid reputations for 45 years