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AVEVA World Italy Software and PestoIn early June, Daniel Gennaro, AVEVA's Italian Country Manager, and his team hosted an AVEVA World User Meeting for Italian customers. Held in the Palace of Angelo Giovanni Spinola ( in the heart of Genoa, over 100 customers attended for an update on AVEVA products and to exchange ideas with colleagues from across a number of different industries.The venue for this event was particularly amazing. Originally built in 1558, the dramatic frescos throughout the palace formed an impressive backdrop that made a striking artistic contrast with the state-of-the-art technology topics covered in the one-day agenda. While AVEVA's 45th anniversary can't compete with the 450-year history of the palace, it still seemed an appropriate location to celebrate the rich technology and business achievements of AVEVA and our customers over the last four and a half decades.AVEVA's Italian customer base has grown rapidly in the last 10 years, from a handful of smaller engineering companies to an impressive list of leading EPCs and Owner Operators from the energy, chemical and marine industries. The delegates attending the meeting reflected this dynamic mix with representatives from ABB, Danieli, ENEL, Eni, Foster Wheeler, GE, Jacobs, Progetto 10, PMS Engineering, Saipem, Tecnimont KT, and Walley Design, to name just a few. The AVEVA team in Italy has grown with the business, providing customers with the local consultation and support that is essential to their business. Recently moving into a new office in Genoa's business centre, AVEVA's Italian team is going from strength to strength and hosted a very productive meeting.The agenda for the day contained both AVEVA and customer presentations covering a range of topics which included AVEVA Engineering, AVEVA Electrical, AVEVA Instrumentation, AVEVA NET, the future product roadmap, and customer success stories from Saipem and Tecnimont KT.Steve TongishVice President - Marketing, AVEVAGenoa, Italy - June 5th, 2012A particularly interesting presentation at the Italian AVEVA World User Meeting was given by Saipem, one of the world's largest turnkey contractors in the oil & gas industry and a major player in the Italian market. Mr Donato De Fiores from Saipem provided an overview of their recent deployment of AVEVA Instrumentation. After an evaluation in 2011, Saipem selected AVEVA Instrumentation as one of its engineering tools to increase competitiveness and meet the needs of its customers. They began the initial rollout on a small project and the new application quickly proved itself, allowing them to expand the deployment to much larger projects.The key to Saipem's success with AVEVA Instrumentation is its flexibility, rich functionality and ease of use. Mr De Fiores explained how Saipem were able to easily work with custom datasheets using standard Excel files. They can also collect data from P&IDs, process and layout sources without the need for specially developed tools. AVEVA Instrumentation is helping Saipem to quickly and accurately select the correct instrumentation and the intuitive user interface has dramatically reduced training time for their engineers.The bottom line for Saipem is improved quality and reduced engineering time. Saipem's customers have very high project delivery standards and their new deployment of AVEVA Instrumentation is helping to give them the flexibility they need to meet, and even exceed, their customer's expectations.Saipem Delivers with AVEVA InstrumentationITALY42AVEVA World Magazine 2012|Issue

The agenda topics and the mix of companies made for an informative and interactive day. During the breaks, delegates had the opportunity to make new contacts, renew past acquaintances and discuss their own technology and operational experiences. 'The feedback from the customers who attended was overwhelmingly positive,' explained Daniel Gennaro. 'Our goal is to provide our customers with a forum to stay up to date on developments at AVEVA, but also to help them build relationships and exchange ideas with other companies in their industry. This is the vision of the AVEVA World Community and I'm very pleased with the results of the Genoa meeting. We will certainly continue to host more activities for our customers in the future.' The delegates also found time in the busy schedule for a bit of fun. A local historian provided a guided tour of the Palace history and they were given the opportunity to prepare home-made pesto, a culinary speciality of the Genoa area. A famous local chef and his assistants guided everyone through the deceptively simple process of creating this delicious sauce. A combination of locally grown basil, garlic, pine nuts, Parmesan cheese, olive oil and a touch of salt, all hand-ground in a mortar of Italian marble, filled the palace with an amazing aroma and a treat for the tongue. The setting, meeting topics, history and pesto certainly stimulated all the senses and gave the delegates a day to remember.While the palace in Genoa is a unique venue, the Italian User Meeting was typical of AVEVA World Community events being held in cities around the world. Providing a mix of technology and ideas, they are designed to be collaborative events that explore the challenges we all face, as engineering projects grow in complexity and we constantly strive to manage risk and improve operational efficiency.To attend an AVEVA World Community event near you, visit the AVEVA website at World Magazine 2012|Issue 243