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Amberwood... a name that stands for Excellence...

A mberwood is a name that stands for excellence. As one of the few architectural casework and millwork companies with two separate divisions, Commercial and Residential, the two divisions complement one another and are able to offer the highest quality work, excellent service and competitive pricing to their clients. The Commercial Division offers a full spectrum of architectural casework which includes frameless, European and traditional style cabinetry, millwork and fixtures. S? a? e ofCa? hbienAe? r tB uil? ers... Excellence... " Amberwood has been a reliable asset to our company. They are a company we can count on for quality custom millwork which is completed in a timely fashion. We can turn to Amberwood for any project and know it will be done on time, for the right price and of the best quality." - Cameron Peach Project Manager, South Bay Construction