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A mberwood's extensive client list is comprised of apartment complexes, banks, commercial office and retail buildings, courthouses, hospitals, hotels, libraries, restaurants, schools and universities, to name a few. All products are built with the highest quality materials in all varieties of wood species, exotic veneers, metals, laminates and glass, meeting or exceeding the requirements set forth by the Woodwork Institute of California ( W. I. C.). An almost limitless variety of finishes are offered to guarantee not only beauty, but exceptional durability. Amberwood's Sales and Estimating Team is highly skilled and meticulous in providing pre- construction services such as hard bids that are accurate, extremely thorough and understandable in user-friendly language. Bids are competitive, detailed and are submitted on time. Quality

OntimeDelivery " Amberwood has been a joy to work with! Their professional approach and quality workmanship have played a key role in the successful completion of our new facility. - Michael Trainor Corporate Facility Manager, GENTERIC " " We are pleased to have worked with Amberwood in the renovation of the San Francisco Hilton Hotel Tower I. Amberwood'sdedicated professionals exemplify its high regard for quality, service, value, and client satisfaction. It is such effort that has helped us win the Hilton Spa & Fitness Center Project on a negotiated basis. In turn, we intend to negotiate this project with Amberwood and look forward to this and other opportunities to work with Amberwood." - Eddie Tai, Project Manager Howard S. Wright A mberwood is proud of their highly respected reputation in the industry with clients returning time and time again. Valuing each client, no matter how large or how small, is one of the reasons for their well- earned reputation. So when you're thinking of commercial projects, think Amberwood... a name that stands for... excellence.