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11boiliEsTuna & SpiceThis is one of the firm favourites with our Field Testers, made from a fantastic base mix containing only the purest Tuna Meal available and selected Indian spices to give this bait an extra edge to stand out from the crowd. Amazing pulling power, with almost instant results, this bait is sure to become a classic!12 - 16 - 20 - 24 mm1 Kg Bag3 Kg BucketBoilesPop UpsDipsAll Seasons

12boiliEsSeafood OneThis bait offers both short and long-term attraction, high digestibil-ity and fully balanced nutrition, along with a unique crunchy tex-ture. A simply stunning bait, containing high levels of LT fishmeal, fish proteins, seaweed, and other marine ingredients, that combine to give awesome pulling power to your hook bait. Combine with a matching additive from our range, such as Gulp! Seaweed and Kelp, Liver and Fish or GLM, to take your results even higher, and put the hardest fish from your water in your net.12 - 16 - 20 - 24 mm1 Kg Bag3 Kg BucketBoilesPop UpsDipsSummerAutumn