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13boiliEsHalibut & CrabIrresistible ingredients and attractants are used in these boilies, full of halibut fish meals, plus a fantastic Crab essence and Green Lipped Mussel extract. We added some micro Halibut pellets to give this bait a high leakage and some extra crunch. This bait is loaded with qual-ity proteins to help give big Carp the valuable nutrition they need. Combine with a matching additive from our range, such as Gulp! Seaweed and Kelp, Fish Feed, Salmon Oil or GLM to take it one stage further.12 - 16 - 20 - 24 mm1 Kg Bag3 Kg BucketBoilesPop UpsDipsSummerAutumn

14boiliEsSquid & LiverThis brilliant bait is made using our own Squid Meal and our unique Squid flavour, which is then combined with a highly soluble special liquid Liver extract. This bait has been the most consistent in tests from our teams, producing instant results along with some very big fish. The 12mm boilies have been taking the rivers apart for the Barbel too!12 - 16 - 20 - 24 mm1 Kg Bag3 Kg BucketBoilesPop UpsDipsAll Seasons