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14boiliEsSquid & LiverThis brilliant bait is made using our own Squid Meal and our unique Squid flavour, which is then combined with a highly soluble special liquid Liver extract. This bait has been the most consistent in tests from our teams, producing instant results along with some very big fish. The 12mm boilies have been taking the rivers apart for the Barbel too!12 - 16 - 20 - 24 mm1 Kg Bag3 Kg BucketBoilesPop UpsDipsAll Seasons

15pOp upsFluoHighly visible pop ups that are really UP for the job, as we make them very bright and colourful, ensuring that they really stand out from the lake bed. These baits are also very buoyant, and incorporate high attract flavours. Each jar also includes a free extra liquid attractant to boost them, for the times when you feel you need that little bit more attraction in the swim, but do not want to over feed the fish. Using this booster will ensure that the Carp focus on your hook bait, rather than any loose feed.12 - 16 - 20 mm100 g JarsPop UpsAll Seasons