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15pOp upsFluoHighly visible pop ups that are really UP for the job, as we make them very bright and colourful, ensuring that they really stand out from the lake bed. These baits are also very buoyant, and incorporate high attract flavours. Each jar also includes a free extra liquid attractant to boost them, for the times when you feel you need that little bit more attraction in the swim, but do not want to over feed the fish. Using this booster will ensure that the Carp focus on your hook bait, rather than any loose feed.12 - 16 - 20 mm100 g JarsPop UpsAll Seasons

ppEELLllEEttss16Our complete pellet range is made using the highest production standards in Europe for Carp nutrition.We do not produce any pressed pellets in our range, but only the very best extruded pellets. In our extrusion process, raw materials are first ground to the correct particle size, normally the consistency of a coarse flour. The dry mix is then passed through a pre-conditioner, where other ingredients are added, and steam is injected to begin the essential pre-cooking process. This pre-conditioned mix is then passed through an extruder, and then forced through a die where it is cut to the desired length. The cooking process takes place within the extruder where the product produces its own friction and heat due to the pressure generated (10-20 bar) to complete the cooking process.This extrusion cooking process gives the following enhanced food benefits:. Starch gelatinization. Protein denaturation. Inactivation of raw food enzymes. Destruction of naturally occurring toxins. The reduction of micro-organisms in the final productBerkley Gulp! pellets are a range of feed pellets that have all been designed to attract and hold fish in your swim. The ingredients used are selected to create highly attractive and palatable pellets. The flavours used will create a powerful flavour trail that leads the fish to the fishing area and triggers a very strong feeding response.All our products are nutritious and palatable to fish, containing all the necessary vitamins; whilst no harmful preservatives are used. All the ingredients used are natural and biologically degradable.