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17PElLetsHalibutGulp! Halibut Pellets contain all the essential nutrients, Vitamins and Amino Acids that Carp require for a complete and balanced diet. They also contain high levels of attractant oils, helping to pull fish into your swim. A massively popular bait on all waters, these pel-lets are available in 4.5mm, 6mm, 10mm, 16mm and 20mm sizes. All Gulp! Halibut pellets also contain pre-digested fish meals and oils; and combined with our own extrusion process, produce what will become one of the most successful pellet ranges available for Carp, Catfish, and many other species.4,5 - 6 - 10 - 16 - 20 mm900 g Bag3 Kg BagExtrudedPelletsSummerAutumn

18PElLetsMICRO CARP PELLET (2mm)These Micro Pellets combine highly digestible ingredients and at-tractants that stimulate all Carp into feeding without overfilling them. Perfect to use as a carpet feed in summer, or to use in a small PVA bag when fishing in winter, or on heavy, pressurised waters.GREEN BETAINE PELLET (3mm)These green Betaine pellets have proved themselves to be an incred-ible fish magnet. Carp love these pellets and keep eating them with-out getting over fed. These are perfect to use as a carpet feed or in combination with PVA bags.FRESH FRUIT ONE PELLET (4.5mm/6mm/10mm)Developed as our own special flavoured pellet to complement our range of Fresh Fruit One boilies; these pellets can be used as part of a combination bait strategy, together with our matching boilies to really get the Carp into a feeding frenzy.Micro Carp / Green Betaine900 g BagExtrudedPelletsMicro Carp / Green BetaineAll SeasonsFresh Fruit One All SeasonsFresh Fruit One 900 g Bag3 Kg Bag