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23TIGERNUTSA selection of the best Spanish Tiger Nuts glugged in their own exclu-sive Gulp! liquid. These Tigers are loaded with their natural sugars making them irresistible to Carp.PEANUTSOne of the most efective baits available, Carp just love peanuts. Ex-tra attraction is created by using the exclusive Gulp! water soluble attractors. Safely cooked, and ready to use out of the jar, with no worries.800 ml1800 mlSeedsSummerAutumn

24seedsCORNOur Maize is cooked perfectly so you can use as either a hook bait or as a particle carpet. It has been cooked with our own exclusive Gulp! liquid to give them that extra sweet and creamy taste for enhanced pulling power.WHEATThese Wheat seeds are best used when the Carp are proving really tough to respond. They are also prepared with our exclusive Gulp! Liq-uid attractor, releasing very high attractant levels, ensuring that you have the edge when the fishing is hard, without fear of over feeding. Only available in our 800ml sealed jars.Corn800 ml1800 mlWheat800 mlSeedsCornSummerAutumnWheatAll Seasons